March 9, 2018

If you cannot get enough of huge inflatables at Art Zoo, this one’s for you. We Bare Bears, the trio of bears trying hilariously to fit into human society, have taken over Palawan Beach in Sentosa! Even though it’s a kids show on Cartoon Network, there’s just something so endearing about the three bears that makes adults and children alike fall in love with their goofiness belying the subtle sarcasm.

From 10 to 18 March, you can now play with your favourite bear, or all three of them if you can’t choose between them. Palawan Green and Palawan beach will be transformed into an inflatable playground, with bouncy castles, slides, and – best of all – huge inflatable We Bare Bears!

With over 300 hundred inflatable Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bears running around the island, you won’t have to fight over them. You can also frolick in a herd of bears if you choose to do so.


And you won’t be able to miss the 50-feet tall triple stack of Grizzly, Pan Pan, and Ice Bear at the entrance of Palawan Green.


There are also plenty of other photo ops with the bears scattered all over the beach, so get trekking to find them all!



From 10 to 18 March, there will also be screenings of the cartoon We Bare Bears at the Palawan Green. If it doesn’t rain, it will make a chill night ahead. Just remember to pack a picnic mat.


We Bare Bears will be taking over Palawan Beach from 10 – 18 March as part of Sentosa’s FunFest. Besides We Bare Bears, visitors can enjoy free entry during the festival period, bouncy castles, huge inflatable slides and playgrounds and obstacles courses.