We Gave This Weed Mask A Try, And Here’s What We Thought

Some people say that smoking cannabis (or smoking in general) will make you age faster. Beauty experts say that if you use cannabis in its other forms topically, it has anti-inflammatory properties and even anti-aging properties. Interesting huh?

Being brought up in a society where smoking is looked down upon and where weed is illegal, all these restrictions just made me more interested in those substances and what they could do. Which is why when KANA offered to send us their Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask that works wonders to calm down irritated skin and brighten your complexion, I had to give it a go.


Weed – or cannabidiol (CBD) more specifically – is not new to the beauty scene; in fact, there’s loads of skincare out there that capitalises on the benefits of hemp. If a sleeping mask is not something you would normally use, there are other products that you can definitely work into your beauty routine. There’s even a perfume, Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum, courtesy of fresh if you love the smell of cannabis, although you might get randomly pulled over in the trains and have to go through this tedious process of explaining why you smell like weed even though you haven’t been smoking up.

Janice Buu, the founder of KANA Skincare, decided to create a skincare line incorporating the benefits of hemp after realising that there was a very small selection of natural hemp products whilst looking for natural products for her father to use after a bypass surgery. One question often leads to another, and Janice found that many cannabis users take CBD edibles at night because it helps them relax, sleep, or as a dose of daily supplement. By infusing it into a sleeping mask, the mask doubles up as a relaxant from the calming smells to help you sleep whilst repairing your skin – because that’s what they meant by beauty sleep.


A botanical sleeping mask with that contains 28 botanicals including CBD, lavender oil and hyaluronic acid that works together to hydrate, heal and brighten your skin while your sleep. There are also antioxidant ingredients to restore suppleness and delay the onset of the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.


It’s a sleeping mask, so you apply it as the last step after your entire night routine, including eye creams and all the night creams that you use. The mask has a light, milky texture that is a cross between a gel and a cream and kept reminding me suspiciously of cum (didn’t help that VICE’s review of the mask was the first thing I read about this brand and I couldn’t get the image of lavender-scented cum out of my head when I first used it. Thanks a lot, VICE). Other than that, you’ll be treated to a lavender-scented gel-like cream that spreads easily over your face.

It’s recommended to use the mask three times a week or every other day for best results, as it is quite lightweight and replenishes the moisture back into your skin – something that everyone who sleeps with aircon needs.



Finally, here’s the answer to the question that you’ve been eagerly waiting for – whether it actually works.

The Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask arrived on my table just while I was suffering a really bad breakout from a moisturiser that my skin still hasn’t recovered from, and I decided to use it to try and soothe my skin. After all, CBD is supposed to be anti-inflammatory. I liked how the mask dries up pretty quickly after you’ve bua-ed it all over your face and the lavender smells did help to soothe my stressed out nerves a little. The very first time I used it, I woke up to a few more red spots that threatened to break out into pimples. I promptly washed the residue off my face, put it aside, and forgot about it until a few weeks later.

Determined to try it out, I decided to religiously try it for a week. The first application yielded the same results – a few reddish spots that appeared in the morning. At the end of one week, I was ready to give it up, but on the last day when I woke up, it was like my face decided it liked whatever was in the mask after all. There was no redness on my face, and there was a slight glow on my face after I washed the mask off. Was my face looking a little brighter or was it just my mind playing tricks on me? After a couple more weeks of obediently using the mask, my face did look a little brighter and my friend did comment that my face looked a bit dewy, so there you go. It works!


Even after including shipping and converting it from USD to SGD, the mask is still cheaper than a GlamGlow mask of the same size that I got from Sephora, and also produces better results. Of course, you can’t compare the price to sleeping masks from Korean beauty brands like Nature Republic and Laniege, but it’s definitely worth forking out for if you want a botanical mask that actually delivers. As for me, I’ll use it sparingly as a treat when my face is acting up or when I need a little more glow in my life.

The KANA Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask, US$45, is now available on kanasincare.com. KANA will also be launching an essence as part of their CBD line, which will be available online.

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