Brassy Hair Is No Problem With This Treatment Dye

When it comes to dyeing our hair, the one thing we cannot avoid is our beautiful dye job getting washed down the drain in the shower, making us look like a golden-haired monkey instead of a colourful unicorn, especially if we’ve bleached our hair.
Maintaining our hair colour often comes down to two options – making multiple trips to the salon or using box dyes again and again to maintain the colour. Going to the salon will burn a hole in our pockets and box dyes don’t give our hair the care it needs to stay healthy. But what if we told you that there’s an affordable and effortless option that prevents our fresh dyes from fading quickly, while keeping our hair healthy for an affordable price?
It sounds too good to be true but it does exist. Cue Liese’s Hair Color Supplement. We first heard about this treatment dye when Liese had its pop-up event in January and have been dying to try it since. This weekly supplement leaves hair feeling silky soft and maintains the vibrancy of your hair colour, cancelling out the yellow brassiness that we all dread. If your dyed hair falls into the pink, ash or brown spectrum, you should definitely check this out.

Left to right: Liese Hair Color Supplement for Brown, Pink and Ash hair, $17.90 each.
Liese adopted a colour mixology technique that it has picked up from European hair salons. On the colour wheel, blue and yellow are opposite of each other and cancel each other out. Applying the same theory, the team at Liese added blue hues to the treatment dye to suppress the yellow brassiness and maintain our hair colour for a longer time.
We expect hair dyes to be extremely damaging for our hair because of the chemicals but we love that Liese has put the health of our tresses as a top priority when developing this treatment dye. Instead of using harmful colourants, a special non-damaging treatment dye was used to penetrate the colourant into the hair. The treatment dye also uses hair protecting ingredients like Argan Oil and silk essence to nourish our tresses as much as possible to maintain our silky soft mane.
The best proof of results is always before and after shots and we were amazed when we saw local blogger, Bong Qiu Qiu’s results. Not only did her hair look as if it was freshly dyed, it looked softer and healthier as well!

Blogger Bong Qiu Qiu’s Before and After Shots 

Qiu Product Shot
She used the Hair Color Supplement for dyed hair in the pink spectrum.
DIY dye jobs are always messy and a pain to do it by yourself. But the best thing about this dye treatment is that you just have to use it once a week and it’s a rinse-off treatment! It doesn’t lather like a shampoo but it feels thick and nourishing like a conditioner. Also, we noticed that the smell was really pleasant and it didn’t sting our eyes. There wasn’t any pungent chemical smells that we usually find in DIY treatments and dyes so you don’t have to worry about your hair smelling like a swimming pool.

It feels thick, just like a very rich and nourishing conditioner!
To top it all off, this treatment dye is only $17.90 and can be easily found at Watsons. Do you want even more good news? Liese is selling the Hair Color Supplement at a promotional price of just $15.90, for the month of May. We know the pain of seeing your fresh dye being washed down the drain (we’ve been there many times) so this is definitely something that we won’t hesitate to get if it keeps our hair colour vibrant for a longer time.
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