May 15, 2018

When Celine Dion first announced her debut concert in Singapore this July, everyone was super excited until they realised that tickets started from $150, and VVIP tickets were going at a whopping $1,200. For that price, you’d better make sure that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet recreate that iconic “I’m Flying” scene whilst Celine Dion is belting out “My Heart Will Go On”.

Jokes aside, the extravagant VIP tickets do come with extra perks that normal concerts might not offer. From meet and greets to backstage tours and private receptions, it seems like a fan’s dream can come through. It all depends on the price you’re willing to pay. Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive concerts in Singapore, Celine Dion’s included. Interestingly, there’s even an orchestra on the list too – and a bloody good one at that.

Celine Dion (July 2018)

Price: $1,200 for a VVIP ticket

Perks: front row tickets, exclusive Celine Dion merchandise and an invite to a pre-concert reception, drinks included

Celine Dion 1 st show Euro Tour Copenhagen June 15 2017 Photos By Denise Truscello

Photo By Denise Truscello

Guns N’ Roses (February 2017)

Price: $2,063

Perks: early entry, exclusive Guns N’ Roses merchandise, taking photos from the stage, backstage tours


Photo by Alvin Ho

Madonna (February 2016)

Price: $1,288

Perks: fan pack consisting of exclusive merchandise


Photo from VizPro

G-Dragon (October 2013)

Price: $1,000

Perks: VIP seats, and meet-and-greet with the star


Photo from YG Entertainment/ One Production

Rain (January 2007)

Price: $888


Photo from Rain_비&정지훈 

Berliner Philharmoniker (Berlin Philharmonic) (November 2010)

Price: $680


Photo from Berliner Philharmoniker’s Facebook page

The Rolling Stones (March 2014)

Price: $700

Perks: limited edition souvenir ticket, 1 4 On Fire tour laminates


Photo from The Rolling Stones

Sting (December 2008)

Price: $600


Photo from Sting

The Police (February 2008)

Price: $600


Photo from thepolice.com

Britney Spears (June 2017)

Price: $568

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.48.54 PM


Luckily for us, most artists aren’t this expensive. Tickets to Paramore’s upcoming concert suddenly seems so… affordable.


Header image from Céline Dion’s Facebook page