The Ampoule Takes Centre Stage In Belif’s Prime Infusion Repair Range

Our skin is the first barrier to external stressors, and is the usually the first to be damaged from changes in our environment and pollution in the air. Cue: dry skin, lack of firmness and dullness. Luckily for us, there are plenty of options out there to reverse the effects of damaged skin and turn your skin all nice and supple again!

belif launched the Prime infusion repair range last year to repair damaged skin, with 6 different products to target various skin problems. Whether your skin has been suffering from prolonged exposure to the sun or you’ve been staying up too late, it’s good to occasionally give your skin a little boost to keep it looking young and fresh. After all, makeup can only cover up so much, and you’ll find that your makeup actually looks heaps better when you’ve got nice skin.

The star ingredient in the Prime infusion range is the medicinal herb, Mountain Arnica, that speeds up your skin’s natural regenerating cycle and repair damaged skin. The herb is mostly used in Europe by patients to aid skin rejuvenation after micro-cosmetic and plastic surgery – and it’ll work the same magic on your stressed skin! The Prime infusion formula also contains anti-ageing properties that stimulate collagen production, which means that your skin will become more bouncy and supple. Prime infusion

Left to right:
Prime infusion repair toner, $57
Prime infusion repair essence, $116
Prime infusion repair emulsion, $74
Prime infusion repair eye cream, $96
Prime infusion repair cream, $103

Even if you aren’t that into skincare, you probably would have heard of the 10-step Korean skincare regime, and the Prime infusion repair range easily covers half of it. There’s even an 18-step routine, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not the number of steps that is important. Choosing the right products that work for your skin will do you more good.

belif’s Prime infusion repair program ampoule is designed as an intensive 6-week long treatment, and consists of 3 stages – Reset, Recover and Reactivate. Only when your skin has recovered into a more manageable state, then do you slowly work the toner and essence into your skincare routine.

But first, what are ampoules and why do you need them?

Prime Infusion Ampoule 2

Prime infusion repair program ampoule, $162


The ampoule is a shot of potent and highly active ingredients meant to target specific skin problems. Some people think that the ampoule and serum is interchangeable, but there are slight differences. Ampoules are much lighter in texture and more concentrated than serums (and thus more expensive as well), but produce results faster. It’s like a supercharged serum, or a full night’s rest in a few drops.


Each step of the Prime infusion repair program targets a different skincare problem, and each bottle is meant to be used for 14 days. The first step, Reset, will start off by clearing out stubborn layers of dead skin cells and refining rough skin – kind of like an exfoliator. Recover, the second step in the program, is slightly thicker, and the ampoule is infused with a formula of moisturising and anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm irritated skin and lock in the moisture. You should also notice your fine lines looking fainter after using this ampoule. Finally, Reactivate improves the skin elasticity and radiance whilst injecting anti-ageing antioxidants to detoxify the skin.

Even if you haven’t finished all the product after 14 days, you can keep it for another cycle. Make sure to give your skin 2 to 3 months rest before you start the cycle again! Ampoules contain very concentrated ingredients that are too strong for regular usage – this is one instance where you should heed the saying ‘less is more’.


Because of the high concentration of active ingredients, you would normally only use the ampoule when you notice that your skin’s condition is worsening. The ampoule is the same family as essence and serum, and all three products can be used at the same time.

If you don’t like applying too many products on your face, you can always skip the essence or serum step in place of the ampoule. The ampoule is supposed to be used after toner and before your moisturiser, and a few drops for your whole face will suffice (most ampoule bottles come with a dropper). Just remember to always finish up with a moisturiser to seal the ampoule so that it can be fully absorbed.


As we mentioned before, ampoules are often much more expensive than serums/ emulsions and you might not be ready to spend $162 on the belif Prime infusion repair program ampoule without giving it a go first. Drop by the belif counter at TANGS in Vivocity and quote NYLON to get a free trial kit of the 3-phase program ampoule.

belif’s Prime infusion repair range is now available at THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores and at TANGS VivoCity.