The Secret Ingredient Missing From Your Skincare Routine

For most of us, caviar is synonymous with luxury and fancy hors d’oeuvres. It’s essentially salt-preserved, non-fertilised fish eggs, and folks have been eating it on crackers longer than they’ve been applying it to their faces. But did you know they can actually do plenty of good for your skin? That’s right. It’s not just a marketing ploy – researchers have found that caviar is just what your skin craves.

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The beauty benefits of caviar

Packed with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, caviar helps provide building blocks for our skin cells to function optimally. And since it’s a great source of protein, it works to protect the skin against collagen and elastin breakdown. Over time, it’ll lessen the appearance of wrinkles and give you a more defined jawline, you’ll notice. The cell structure of caviar is also similar to that of our protective cell membrane, which helps deposit nourishing nutrients to the skin.

Knowing that, caviar doesn’t sound that fishy after all, so it makes sense to reap its long-purported beauty benefits, which is exactly what Celmonze The Signature (CTS) has done. If you’re unfamiliar with Celmonze, it’s a well-established skin solution specialist from Paris, and the brand’s been conducting innovative research in its laboratories since the 1980s.

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With rejuvenation in mind, Celmonze creates effective solutions for the face and body, such as their Signature Facial and Signature Facelift Massage, which work to repair and restore, right down to a cellular level. In fact, Celmonze is launching their new outlet in Rivervale Mall, and the star of the show is the luxurious Caviar DNA Imperial Treatment, powered by Beluga Caviar.

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Celmonze Caviar DNA Imperial Treatment

Did you know Beluga Caviar is the highest class of caviar favoured by royalties? Infused with 13 natural ingredients as well as a moisturising liposome complex, the treatment works to hydrate and replenish the skin barrier, so you’ll step out of every session with a more youthful complexion.
The Manager of Celmonze The Signature Rivervale attests to its efficacy, saying, “The Caviar DNA Imperial treatment has helped many of customers’s dry and mature skin to bounce back to life! Most of them, when they reach age 25, the current hydration skincare is not sufficient to cater to their changing skin needs. This series not only intensely hydrate but also fix the first sign of aging. Using caviar to deliver the nourishment to the skin has indeed shown many positive results for my customers.”

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Here’s what you can expect from each pampering session:

  • Step 1: The treatment begins with cleansing and toning to remove impurities and excess oil.
  • Step 2: To exfoliate, the Caviar DNA Peeling helps expedite cellular renewal for softer, smoother, brighter-looking skin.
  • Step 3: The Caviar DNA Imperial Serum is then applied to activate cellular energy, thereby boosting the skin’s natural radiance.
  • Step 4: The first layer of Caviar DNA Imperial Repair Cream will follow to give the skin a quick surge of moisture.
  • Step 5: To regenerate and firm up the skin, the Caviar DNA Nutrient Mask & Nutrient Mask Activator will be used together.
  • Step 6: After the mask, the Caviar DNA Concentrate Ampoule helps replenish skin nutrients, increasing collagen production.
  • Step 7: The nourishing treatment ends with a second layer of Caviar DNA Repair Cream and sunblock.


Bring the Caviar DNA Imperial Treatment home!


Celmonze Caviar DNA Imperial Homecare Series
(L-R): Caviar DNA Imperial Concentrate Ampoule (5x2ml), $90; Caviar DNA Imperial Repair Cream, $170;
Caviar DNA Imperial Serum, $158; Caviar DNA Imperial Concentrate, $248

You can now step up your beauty ritual at home between facial appointments with Celmonze’s Caviar DNA Imperial Homecare series, so slip on the robe and get comfortable. The Imperial Serum, found in the Caviar DNA Imperial Treatment, aids in repairing the skin, imparting antioxidants to restore vitality. Another product from the treatment you’ll be able to take home is its essential Repair Cream, a vital step to soothe, purify, and intensely moisturise.

The Caviar DNA Imperial Concentrate, too, helps to boost collagen and lift the skin by supporting protein bio-synthesis and stimulating fibroblast growth. And of course, for a quick pick-me-up, reach for the Caviar DNA Imperial Concentrate Ampoule – it’s brimming with caviar and oyster nutrients to nourish the skin. So if you’re 25 and above, like most of us here at NYLON, and you’ve begun to spot the first signs of aging such as a lack of radiance and firmness, Celmonze’s DNA Imperial Treatment is definitely one to consider; ideal for those who are plopped under an air conditioner for long hours daily, too.




We’re giving away a pair of complimentary
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Celmonze is also giving away a Signature Facial + Facelift Massage + Hello Kit to non-winners!

Here’s what you have to do:

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  2. Attend the Grand Opening of Celmonze The Signature Rivervale Mall on 3 June 2018 from 12pm – 2pm
  3. From the list of attendees at the Grand Opening, Celmonze will select a pair of winners entitled to the Caviar DNA Treatment
  4. Non-winners will get free Signature Facial + Facelift Massage + Hello Kit, worth $228 in total (limited to 100 pax only)

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