This Instant Whitening Facial Is The Brightening Boost Your Face Needs

I’m not exactly the best at sticking to a skincare regime and I keep irregular sleeping hours, which means that my face tends to look dull. Not exactly ideal when I’m always attending events with fellow media friends and makeup artists who perpetually look so polished! There isn’t exactly a requirement to always look our best, but I personally always aspire to. After all, you’d never know who you might meet.

When an opportunity came up to try Bioskin’s latest treatment – the Instant Whitening Facial that promises brighter skin with immediate results – I immediately jumped on it. I had heard loads about Bioskin’s effective facials and I was eager to try it for myself. Just in case you haven’t heard of Bioskin before, it’s a local skincare center run by Mathilda Koh, who used to be a facial specialist herself. Specially targeted at Asian skin and factoring in our Singapore’s hectic urban lifestyle, Bioskin has a full range of facials using the latest technology targeted at the various problems that anyone living here might face – pick from derma peels, gua sha or oxygen therapy depending on whether you’re suffering from acne, ageing skin or dry skin. Since then, Bioskin has also expanded its services to include slimming treatments and and hair treatments, as well as its own skincare line.


Founder Mathilda Koh 

Experiencing The Facial 

It just happened that my facial was booked for the day after I came back from a weekend trip to Korea, and my face was looking a bit worse for wear due to a combination of a lack of sleep and the dry, windy weather up north. Dull face? Check. Dry skin? Check. Huge eyebags? Check. I was in major need of a perk-me-up, and the facial could not have come at a better time with a full week packed with events and dinners ahead of me.


Bioskin’s Central Outlet at Clarke Quay

Before stepping into the treatment room, I was given a brief explanation of the Instant Whitening Facial by the head trainer. The entire facial will take about two and a half hours, and would be painless. Bioskin adheres to their mantra of ‘No Squeezing, No Scarring and No Enlarged Pores’ for all their treatments, and I could expect the same from this facial. The head trainer even noted that my skin looked a bit dull and tired, and told me that this facial was exactly what I needed to rehydrate and brighten my skin. She even said that I’ll be able to see a difference when I leave – that was how “instant” the treatment was. The products and serums used in the facial will also contain antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to reduce the fine lines around my eye-bags.


The treatment room where everything happens

Just like every facial, your face will be cleansed and exfoliated so that the serums applied later can be absorbed more easily. You can also expect the treatment to stimulate collagen production and lighten dark spots and pigmentation.

Here’s the best part – this treatment is painless, and the most discomfort I felt was slight tingling from the use of the machines to stimulate the absorption of the serum to the deeper layers of the skin. Instead of squeezing every inch of your face (which can hurt a LOT for someone like me who has a low threshold of pain), this treatment uses Triple-Pulse Light technology to heal your skin from the inside. No extractions or breaking of skin at all! 

It was so painless that I actually nodded off a couple of times throughout the facial. My usual facial treatment includes extraction and I always avoid meeting people the next few days as I have red spots all over my face. But with this innovative facial, there was no downtime at all. The results were so instant that I felt totally ready to go once the treatment was over.

A huge bonus is the scalp and shoulder massage that comes as part of the package. My beautician explained that this facial was not only about rejuvenating your skin, but also relaxing your mind through a massage. You’ll begin your facial with a couple of simple breathing exercises and aromatherapy, and end with a very thorough scalp and shoulder massage. Having my beautician massage the tight knots and stress out of my shoulders was my favourite part of the entire treatment.


Using RF technology to penetrate all the way past my epidermis to my dermis for better absorption

What it’ll cost you 

The entire two and a half hours treatment (which includes a 30 minute scalp and shoulder massage) will cost you a whopping $800 as the Instant Whitening Facial is one of Bioskin’s premium treatments, and it uses top-notch technology and products sourced straight from Japan. The price is no doubt steep, but you get what you pay for – instant results! I recommend splurging on this treatment as a last-minute option because of the zero downtime.

The result…

I walked out of Bioskin feeling like my complexion was brighter and much more relaxed. Just to make sure that it was not the placebo effect, I even asked my colleague Natalie the moment I got back to the office if she could see a difference. “Yeah, your face is a bit brighter. You don’t look so tired,” she replied. Compared to brightening products that require a few uses before you can see results, the Instant Whitening Facial is a super effective and immediate brightening boost. All I had to do was put on some concealer over my eye-bags which fortunately looked less horrendous than before the treatment, and I was ready to face the rest of my week.

Try it for yourself!

If you’re not willing to stump up $800 for a facial, you can make use of Bioskin’s opening promotion where you can get the Instant Whitening Facial plus a 30-minute Scalp And Shoulder Massage at a special promotion price of just $38* at any of the 6 outlets islandwide. They also have a selection of facials and treatments at a much lower price for those who have other skincare concerns. We’re also giving 5 of you readers a chance to experience the facial for yourself totally free-of-charge – head on over to this post on our Facebook page to find out how to win!

*terms and conditions apply

The Bioskin Instant Whitening Facial + 30-minute Scalp And Shoulder Massage treatment($800) is available at all 6 Bioskin outlets islandwide

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