Use This High Coverage Cushion Compact For A Flawless, Brighter Complexion

When Mamonde first landed in Singapore, we gushed over their floral-inspired skincare and totally fell in love with their face masks. We loved how all the products under this Korean beauty brand is powered by florals, even the makeup. Yup, you read that right – even Mamonde’s makeup products draws on the benefits of various botanicals.

One of the biggest beauty trends in Korea is the dewy, glowy look, and the key to achieving that look is your base foundation. Mamonde already has a Cover Powder Cushion that harnesses the power of peach flower extract and powder for an incredibly moisturising base, and they’ve now upgraded the formula as a Brightening Cover Cushion.

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Based on whether your skin is dry or oily, Mamonde has released two new versions of the Brightening Cover Cushions that utilises two different florals to tackle the two most common skincare problems we all face when trying to find the perfect foundation. We’re a bit sad that the new Brightening Cover Cushions won’t come in the cute peach petal-shaped casing as the previous one did, but the simple round, white case lends a subtle simplicity to it. The Cover Fit Puff that comes with the cushion compact has also been upgraded – the puff’s surface is covered in micro-bumps that resemble the surface of peach petals to give a brush-like effect during application.


Both versions of the cushions will also be available in a wider range of shades – three with pink undertones (17, 21C, and 23C) and two with yellow undertones (21N and 23N) to match your skin’s undertones.

For oily skin: the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion

brightening POWDER cushion

The Brightening Cover Powder Cushion is like a jacked up version of the Cover Powder Cushion – not only does the cushion compact contain 10 times more peach flower extract, it also brightens up dull complexions for that radiant look Park Shin Hye is always sporting. The Brightening Cover Powder Cushion also contains sebum-controlling powder to ensure long-lasting coverage for the entire day without your face getting too oily.
We might not always have time to apply foundation, concealer, and powder, and this cushion acts as all 3 products rolled into one. The high coverage formula forgoes the need for concealer, and has a natural semi-matte finish. Combined together with the Cover Fit Puff for greater coverage in one swipe, you can shorten your makeup routine and still leaving the house looking flawless!

For dry skin: the Brightening Cover Watery Cushion


If you have dry skin, don’t go for a foundation with a matte finish because it’ll draw attention to dry and flaky skin. The Brightening Cover Watery Cushion uses narcissus bulb extract that has intense hydrating properties for those who suffer from dry skin. The cushion’s lightweight formula is designed to reduce redness and even out your skin tone without having to cake on the foundation, making it an ideal choice for Singapore’s year-round humidity. This cushion has a dewy finish for that natural radiant glow that is perfect for an effortless daily makeup look.

Just in case you’re thinking of getting both compacts, you’ll be able to tell your compacts apart as the Brightening Cover Watery Cushion has a slight green gradient tinge on its cover.

What if I have combination skin?

Most people tend to have a combination of both oily and dry skin, and you might have a tough time deciding which cushion to get. We don’t recommend using both cushions on the different areas of your face at the same time, so you’ll have to decide on one. Even though both cushions are the same shade, you’ll be able to see that there is a difference in the undertones – the Powder Cushion has a warmer undertone that makes it better at reducing redness.

mamonde swatches edited copy

Swatches of both Brightening Cover Cushions in 23N. Natural Beige

In terms of coverage, both cushions were pretty similar in covering blemishes and evening out skin tones, but the main difference was the finish. The Watery Cushion had a more obvious brightening effect compared to the Powder Cushion. Reviews online of the cushions’ other shades all echo the same sentiment, so go for the Watery Cushion if you really want a brighter complexion. The Watery Cushion had a dewy finish with a slightly tacky feeling when it dried, whilst the Powder Cushion has a smoother, matte finish and dries more quickly. Our editor always says that the finish of a foundation is a personal preference, so the choice is yours, really.

The Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushions, $32, are now available at Mamonde’s flagship boutiques, Mamonde counters and on