ASICS And G-Shock’s First Ever Collab Sees Special Edition Drop Of Their Iconic Products

Two of Japan’s biggest street brands have come together for a limited edition drop of their flagship products – the ASICSTIGER Gel-Mai Knit and the G-Shock GBA-800AT. Combining ASICS’s stylish street kicks with the toughness and hardiness of G-SHOCK, this pack is all about functionality meets street vibes.

Let’s take a closer look at the ASICSTIGER sneakers first. The classic Gel-Mai Knit shoes come in two colourways – black and white. Both shoes have red accents on the aglets, and the insoles and uppers feature the logos from both brands.

You’ll also notice that the Gel-Mai Knit has that asymmetrical lacing system that just makes it stand out from all the other shoes when it was first launched back in the 90s. Oh, and it also helps to wrap the shoe snugly around your feet. The solid shoe colours are also super versatile – you can easily match it to any wardrobe for a clean look.

ASICSTIGER Gel-Mai Knit in White

ASICSTIGER Gel-Mai Knit in White

Now that you’ve got your footwear settled and are looking for some matching accessories, how about a watch?

G-Shock has also released a limited edition version of their classic GBA-800 watch. The ASICSTIGER x G-Shock is a black smartwatch with a white watchface and red-accented hands that is a perfect match for both ASICSTIGER Gel-Mai Knit shoe colourways.

The watch is made for the urban kid who wants to stay fashionable while not losing out on the tech-y part of Apple Watches smartwatches. Besides your usual stopwatch alarm functions, the G-ShockGBA-800AT watch also has Bluetooth connections, dual time, and interval countdown timers. It goes without saying that the watch is also waterproof and shock-proof so that you can brave the elements knowing that your G-Shock watch will be able to withstand it.

The strap of the watch and the back of the watch are also inscribed with the ASICSTIGER logo,

The back of the watchface

If you’re one of those people who love to keep the boxes that your shoes come in, you’ll be pleased to know that the G=Shock GBA-800AT comes in custom box designed to look like a mini ASICS shoebox. Isn’t it the cutest?

Your G-Shock GBA-800AT will come in this cute mini shoe box

The special edition ASICSTIGER GEL-MAI KNIT will be available in Singapore on 29th June at Limited Edt Vault and Star 360 Suntec City outlet.

The G-SHOCK special edition GBA-800AT will be available from 21st July in G-Factory store outlets located at ION Orchard, Bugis Junction, Vivocity and Tampines Mall.