A Face Lifting Massage That Actually Works? We Tried It To See If It Really Does.

To be honest, I first heard of Celmonze The Signature because of their Caviar DNA Imperial Treatment Facial, which piqued my interest. It did sound a bit fishy that caviar can be good for the skin, but hey, if the royals loved it, maybe my skin will too. When Celmonze The Signature invited me down to their new outlet in Tampines, they recommended for me to try their Celmonze Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage instead of the Caviar one, because it’s their most popular treatment.

The thing about choosing facials is that they are all targeted at different skincare concerns and, just like skincare products, its about finding the one that works for your skin. The Celmonze Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage is not just about making your skin pretty, but also refines your face shape and relax your mind. I’ve tried a few different facials from home salons and even an $800 a session whitening facial, so I decided to give the Celmonze Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage a go to see if this face lifting massage actually works.

Celmonze The Signature has just opened its second outlet in Tampines

The Celmonze Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage

The sad thing about your twenties is that this is when your skin will start to show the first signs of aging. The changes are very slight, but you’ll start to notice that your current skincare routine might not be able to handle your changing skin needs. Instead of totally changing up your skincare routine, you can also go for facials to maintain your skin’s condition. Before your facial at Celmonze The Signature, you’ll sit down with a beautician for a consultation.

Sitting down for a consultation with the beautician just before my facial

I liked how The Signature Facial is not just customised for my skin type, but also to my skincare concerns. I was asked what I hoped to get out of the facial – which is clear, radiant skin because I have an uneven skin tone thanks to my skin’s tendency to scar easily. Other than pigmentation, the Signature Facial can also target acne, sagging skin and sensitive skin.

The beautician also explained that the facial also includes a hot stone and face massage designed to help me relax my mind whilst lifting the skin on my face by massaging the contours of my face. The hot stones massage would help to improve overall blood circulation – this would reduce the appearance of eye bags, which can occur because of poor blood circulation. The massage also tones and firms facial muscles to give the appearance of a more ‘lifted’ face and reducing wrinkles without having to do any invasive surgery.

The Experience

The facial started off pretty routine – a little essential oil to calm my nerves, cleansing my face, before the application of an enzyme peel and then followed by an extraction. Maybe it was the use of the enzyme peel, but I felt like the extraction was not as painful as the one I go through at my usual salon. As part of the facial, you’ll also get 3 types of face masks is customised to your chosen skin concern. I wanted to even out my skin tone, so I was given moisturising and whitening masks.

I quite enjoyed the massage and the hot stones, which helped me to de-stress after a hard day at work. My beautician told me that hot stones are good for improving blood circulation, which will in turn clear skin up because of the increased blood circulation. The head and shoulders massage also felt really good, and for a couple of minutes I forgot I was here for a facial.

The Result…

I came out feeling really relaxed, from both the massage and the facial. I also noticed how my face didn’t look too red even after the extraction like I just had a bad case of acne – and I liked it!

I didn’t really feel the effects of the face lifting massage until I got home. I used to feel a bit bloated around my neck area around my jawline, and the area felt a little more toned to the touch even though I couldn’t really see much difference with my eyes. I was initially a bit dubious when the beautician told me that just one session will be enough to see a difference, but all doubts were gone. Granted it isn’t a dramatic difference, but if you go for the face lifting massage often enough, you’ll definitely notice a more pronounced change.

A few days later, I took a closer look at my face again and found that my skin was much clearer. The unevenness that was the most apparent on my cheeks was also much less obvious. I don’t really stick to a very strict skincare regime, so facials usually make a difference, and this one made a big difference! The only thing that irked me was that while my eyebags looked a little bit lighter immediately after the facial, they started to return later in the week, probably due to my horrible sleep habits.

The facial took about two hours, but if you are looking for something that requires lesser time, Celmonze The Signature also has express facials that only  take one hour. But then, you’ll be losing out on the benefits of the face lifting massage, which is the highlight of this facial.


For many of us, living in the heartlands has made us very lazy to travel to town, especially if its just for a facial. Celmonze The Signature opened its first outlet at Kovan, and has opened its second outlet in Tampines, just 5 minutes away from the MRT. To celebrate the opening of their new outlet, Celmonze The Signature will be letting NYLON readers try out their Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage for free.

Here’s how you can get a free Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage:

1. Like Celmonze The Signature’s Facebook page.

2. Follow Celmonze The Signature on Instagram.

3. Register your info at this link by 28 June.

4. Redeem your facial at the Grand Opening of Celmonze The Signature Tampines Outlet on 30 June 2018*!

The Grand Opening of Celmonze The Signature in Tampines will be happening on 30 June, from 11am to 4pm. On that day, all attendees will be able to get a Skin Analysis Checking Session, where a skin specialist will analyse your skin. There’ll also be a buffet lunch, and actress Tracy Lee will be making an appearance to share more about her experience with Celmonze The Signature. In addition to a free facial, all readers who go down to the Grand Opening will also stand a chance to win a customised set of products from Celmonze, worth $380.

The products counter at Celmonze The Signature

Blk 406, Tampines Street 41, #01-19
(65) 6789 7879 | (65) 8838 3223

*terms and conditions:
1. Facial redemption is only valid at Celmonze The Signature Tampines Outlet.
2. Giveaway for successful registrant that attend the grand opening only.
3. Valid for first time customers who are female Singaporean, PR or those with a valid working permit pass holders, aged 21 years old and above only.
4. Minimum THREE (3) days prior booking required for treatment redemption. Appointment is subject to availability.