We’re Seeing Stars With This Cosmic Makeup Collection

Arguably one of biggest makeup trends we saw last year was glitter, and it’s trickled through to 2018 in a more subtle, sophisticated way that’s still splashed with a bit of fun. So while the new iterations might not be glimmering like gold, they certainly do catch our eyes. We’re talking about Cyber Colors’ new exclusive makeup line, “Cyber Star Collection”, specially created to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Aptly named, the range is all decked out in star-shaped designs, so we’re really getting a taste of the cosmos here.

Feast your eyes on the limited edition collection ahead.





TOP (L-R): Pink Salmon, Rosy Pink, Cranberry Red
BOTTOM (L-R): Bare Cashmere, Sugar Brown, Red Romance
$33.90 each

Twist up any one of these Cyber Star lipsticks for a bullet that looks like a shooting star! We tend to steer clear of drying mattes, but the Cyber Star Satin Matte lippies lock in moisture, glide on effortlessly, and deliver a comfortable matte finish. Let’s not forget how pigmented these creamy lipsticks are — we’re able to achieve bold, captivating colour in a swipe. If you prefer a more natural finish, reach for the Cyber Star Blendable Lipsticks. Its glossy formula hydrates the lips to keep them soft and silky as it imparts a soft wash of colour.





L-R: Antique Clock, Smoky Espresso, Sweet Wine
$29.90 each

When you open up these Cyber Star Eyeshadows, you’ll find a unique embossed star in the centre of the palette with 3 shades in velvet matte, pearl, and shimmery finishes to define your eyes. Mix these shades together for a monochromatic look or dip your brush into single colours for more precise application. You can even use an angled brush to line your eyes with the darker shades. These eyeshadows are made with micronised pigments so they’re silky to the touch, and they’ll stay put throughout the day.





L-R: Sugarland, Blooming Coral
$29.90 each

Just like the Cyber Star Eyeshadow, this limited edition blush duo’s got an embossed cosmic star which features 3 vivid shades in a palette. Just swirl your brush over the blush and dust it on the apples of your cheeks for a natural, radiant flush. It adds a touch of vitality to your complexion instantly, so you can trick everyone into thinking you had a restful 8 hours.


Cyber Colors Cyber Star Collection, available now at SASA stores islandwide.