dokiWatch: The Ultimate Smartwatch For Kids

It’s a struggle all working parents face now – how do we stay in touch with our kids without giving them a smartphone? If they can’t go 10 minutes without asking for their parents’ phones, they’ll probably be stuck on it the whole day if they get their own.

Cue the new dokiWatch S. This Smartwatch is equipped with everything you need to keep up with your children, and everything they need to be satisfied without a smartphone. They can send voice messages and emojis to their friends, give you a call whenever they need to and there’s even a front-facing camera for video calls!

The best thing about this Smartwatch is that parents can manage all the features through a phone app. Parents can pre-set the contacts whom the children can contact and keep an eye on their whereabouts, thanks to the GPS feature in the watch. Also, if they wander too far off from where they’re supposed to be, parents will get an alert through the app. This is what the main interface looks like :

Being a kid is all about going outside to play and having fun. Unfortunately, a lot of kids nowadays are cooped up at home, either using the computer or watching tv. So, to encourage them to be more active (and use up their energy so parents will have an easier time putting them to bed at night), the dokiWatch has a virtual pet that acts as a fitness tracker! Just like your Fitbit, the doki tracks steps taken, and this pet grows as your child walks.

There’s also a “Class Mode” that will lock all the special features on the Smartwatch. All you have to do is set a pre-set time on the watch, for example during school hours, so that the watch doesn’t distract them when they’re attending classes.

One thing to note is that the watch needs to be charged every night. The battery can last up to 24 hours, but if you switch on features like the GPS, the battery will last around 8 hours. Parents will probably be home before the battery goes flat, anyway, so the relatively short battery life shouldn’t be something to worry about.

This may sound slightly overbearing (or an episode of Black Mirror), but it’s essentially a smart device without any games, and it allows parents to monitor the usage and know where their kids are. And how can that be bad.


The dokiWatch S is priced at US$199 and available in 3 colours (blue, pink and dark grey) online at