Making housework fun again!

There was really only one point in life when housework was fun — when we were toddlers playing pretend with our toy cleaning kit. You know, the kind you find at Toys ‘R Us (God bless them). Now part of adulting means we need to do actual housework, like cleaning the floor, dusting the shelves, picking up after our own toddlers… and I never thought I’d say this, but I found a vacuum that doesn’t just make the chores bearable, but actually fun.

You’ve probably seen the ads all over Facebook by now; in particular, the one where James Dyson reiterates why he doesn’t make corded vacuum cleaners anymore — and that’s really a bold move. He believes so strongly in the new Dyson V10 cordless vacuum, and his ad has convinced me to try one.

I took all the pieces out of the box, and these are all the heads :

It’s a bit confusing if you’ve never used one of these before. I previously had a V6 so I know where to start… I start by LABELLING!

Labelling all the heads makes life easier for yourself and everyone in the house who may touch your precious V10 (like the husband… ya right). Anyway, I don’t like to mix the “dirty” floor cleaners with the “clean” soft brush heads that I use for table tops and things in general.

My favourite head has to be the one I call “GAPS” (see photo above). It’s like a powerful suction gun that allows me to swallow anything undesirable with incredible precision. And in the house, there are gaps everywhere… the window tracks, between sofa cushions, at the corner behind the tv console… gaps everywhere.

The V10 is very satisfying to use. But beware… disappointment will strike when it runs out of power (and it will very often). It takes 3.5 hours to charge it from zero to full, and this video below tells me that a full battery can only run 7 and a half minutes on MAX speed (I couldn’t find this info anywhere in the user guide):

I had to tell everyone in the house to use it on speed 1 or at the most, speed 2. At the lowest speed, Dyson claims that the V10 can run a full hour. At speed 2, I could use it for around 20 minutes. But honestly, the fun and shiokness is in MAX speed — zap here, zap there… it’s like playing with a space gun that sucks anything in its path.

The styling of the V10 is similar to previous cordless models, although the motor and barrel is much larger than the one on the V6. Understandably though, since the motor is far more powerful and the barrel can hold more dirt.

If you know someone who’s getting keys to a new place, this would make a wonderful and much appreciated house-warming gift. Mainly because it’s also very pricey — but ok when a group of friends pool together to buy it for that one person.

There are 3 variations of the Dyson Cyclone V10 ($899, $999 and $1,199), the difference being the accessories they come with. Check them out and shop at Dyson online here