Melissa’s Open Vibes Collection Has A Pair Of Shoes For Every Occasion

The Brazilian shoe brand is back with a new collection and it’s appealing in more than one sense. Melissa is known to many as the ultra comfortable jelly shoe brand and has been known to be eco-friendly as well. However, perhaps what’s less known to public is how much artistic creativity goes into the conceptual planning of their collections.

Previously, in their MAPPING collection, they’ve taken inspirations from different cities and channelled the spirit of each city into their designs in an attempt to express how we are shaped by the cities we live in. 

And this year’s Fall/Winter collection certainly doesn’t fall short. Open Vibes inspires us to reconnect with ourselves and the world. Motivated by the philosophy of wabi-sabi, it encourages us to embrace the beauty in imperfection and transience, and to be unbound by our busy, fast paced lives. 

The Melissa Billy Creepers and the Melissa Ulitsa Sneaker are versatile for casual, everyday wear. The best part is that they both have an extended range to cater to women and men.

Left to Right: Melissa Billy Creepers in Black Copper ($150), Melissa Ulitsa Sneaker in Green ($130)


The Melissa Bend is remade from the classic moccassin style into a more easy-to-wear slip-on type of shoe, while the Melissa Preppy is perfect for pairing with both formal and casual outfits.

Left to Right: Melissa Bend in White Black ($130), Melissa Preppy in Black ($150)


For days when you feel like flaunting your femininity, the Melissa Believe is a classy design and will take you through your day or night in style and comfort.


Left to Right: Melissa Believe in Pink ($120), Melissa Shift in Black ($195), Melissa Energy in Black Beige Orange ($110)


If you’re feeling lazy and you just want something easy to slip on, the Melissa Mar Sandal and Melissa Soul are a great option to have without compromising on style.

Left to Right: Melissa Mar Sandal in Black White Brown ($95), Melissa Soul in Beige ($80)


Left to Right: Melissa Ultragirl Basic in White ($95), Melissa Prana in Old Rose ($100)


The Open Vibes collection also includes accessories that can matched with any style. The Melissa Cute Bag and the Melissa Creatives Wearable are more decorative, fashionable pieces (and very trendy belt bags, we might add) while the Melissa Back Pack and Melissa Wallet are good for practical, everyday use.

Melissa Creatives Wearable in Blue Red Yellow and Brown Black Yellow ($155)


Melissa Cute Bag in Blue ($95)

Left to Right: Melissa Wallet in Black Glitter ($120), Melissa Back Pack in Pearly Gold ($195)


The Melissa Open Vibes Fall/Winter collection will be available at all MDREAMS boutiques, selected retailers and online at soon. 


Image Credits: Melissa Shoes