You Can Now Rent a Mobile Phone from Singtel

When it comes to mobile phones, it’s an endless game of catch-up. Phones keep getting better and better, and their price tag gets higher and higher as well.

To make owning the latest smartphone slightly more affordable, Singtel yesterday launched Singapore’s first mobile leasing plan, effectively allowing users to rent a mobile phone from the carrier by paying a monthly fee.

This service is applicable to Singtel’s SIM-only customers, giving them the option of using premium handsets without having to purchase the phones upfront. Currently, the two phones available for rent include the Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) and the iPhone 8 (64GB).

Prices start from $35 monthly, and customers have the option of upgrading the handset for an additional $200 after 12 months. Here’s the potential cost that you might save:


Handset model Recommended retail price Monthly leasing fee 12-mth leasing + $200 upgrade fee 12-mth leasing savings 24-mth leasing fee 24-mth leasing savings
Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) $1,198 $35 $620 ($578) $840 ($358)
iPhone 8 (64GB) $1,148 $37 $644 ($504) $888 ($260)


From the looks of it, you do save a few hundred from this new leasing plan. But those with butter fingers (we certainly are guilty) might want to think twice.

Visit for more information, or sign up at any Singtel Retail Shop islandwide.