The Secret Behind su:m37˚’s White Award Ampoule In Cream

Every beauty and skincare brand has its own secret ingredient or formula that it swears by, and K-beauty brand su:m37˚ is no different. You’ve probably heard about their iconic Secret Essence that has become one of the holy grail essences in Korea. We’re going to share more about another of su:m37’s star products – the Ultimate Whitening Ampoule In Cream.

The Ultimate Whitening Ampoule In Cream

Just in case you’re not familiar with su:m37˚ (pronounced ‘soom 37’), the beauty brand is famous for its skincare that only uses botanical extracts enhanced through fermentation. su:m37˚ has its own manufacturing plant up in the mountains of Gangwon-do, where all the essences from every su:m37˚ product is naturally fermented under super stringent conditions. It might sound weird to talk about fermentation when it comes to beauty products, but there are many benefits of natural fermentation over artificial fermentation. The natural fermentation increases active ingredients within the extracts, making the extracts more potent and thus produce results faster, and is also gentle on sensitive skin.

While the Secret Essence might be your answer to dry skin, you might be looking for a moisturiser to brighten up your skin too. That’s where the White Award range comes in.

The White Award Ultimate Whitening Ampoule In Cream is a unique whitening moisture cream, enhanced by the potent capsulated synergic blend of Micro Fermented Pearl Protein™ and NAPS™ to amplify spot targeting and skin brightening concerns to achieve luminous clear skin. Not only is the formula kept free of synthetic preservatives and artificial colours, the Whitening Ampoule In Cream comes with a pearl protein ampoule and cream packaged separately to ensure that the active ingredients are only activated when you want to use it. The ingredients are kept fresh, not just at the manufacturing plant, but all the way until you’re about to use it.

Every box of the Whitening Ampoule In Cream also comes with a spatula that you can use to mix your ampoule. It might seem a little troublesome, but you only have to do it once when you first open the cream. Rip open the capsule containing all your ampoule pearls and pour everything into the cream. Give it a good stir with the fat end of the spatula, and close the top. Wait for 10 minutes for the pearls to melt, and stir it again once more. What’s 10 extra minutes if it gives you a fresher and more effective moisturiser?

Also, those little ampoule pearls that you mixed in are the sparkling secret that makes the Ampoule In Cream so effective in getting you that clear, radiant skin. The pearl extracts contain a mix of Micro Fermented Pearl Protein™ and NAPS™ that work together to provide hydrating and whitening effects. The pearl proteins also helps to brighten dull skin by increasing hyaluronic acid production to improve skin elasticity.  Here’s where the benefits of natural fermentation kicks in – the pearl proteins are broken down into smaller microparticles that makes it easier to be absorbed into the skin.

I found that the cream a little heavy compared to other cream moisturisers when applying it, but it was quickly absorbed into my skin without leaving any stickiness behind.  My skin felt nice and hydrated, although (just like most of su:m37’s other products) people who have oily skin might find it a bit too heavy.

If you’re keen on trying out the White Award Ampoule In Cream, you can now get a special bundle set that includes the cream, along with a 5-piece White Award Kit and 2 pieces of the Secret Programming Masks for just $148 from TANGS.

While you’re getting your bundle set, you can also try another one of su:m37’s bestselling products – the Bright Award Bubble de Mask. Just quote NYLON at the counter to receive a sample at the counter! Even if you aren’t making a purchase, you can still redeem the sample.

The White Award Ultimate Whitening Ampoule In Cream special bundle set, $148, is available at the su:m37 counters at TANGS at Tang Plaza and Vivocity, and at Isetan Tampines

Quote NYLON at any su:m37 counters at TANGS at Tang Plaza and Vivocity, and at Isetan Tampines to receive a sample of the Bright Award Bubble de Mask (no purchase necessary)