The Shiseido Ultimune Is Back With An Improved Formula And A Whole New Attitude

Sequels often get a bad rep, don’t they? See: all the Disney animation part IIs you never watched, the startling confusion that is The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, and in recent times, even the divisive Star Wars: The Last Jedi (though I highly beg to differ).  And it’s not their fault! The burden of living up to a successful predecessor is just that daunting. So, do we have high hopes for anything that claims to be a follow-up? Not really…

Unless we’re talking about beauty. Why complain when beauty labs are churning out better, smoother, more effective formulas? Whether it’s a new foundation or moisturiser, they’re usually building on an icon, which is what Shiseido aims to do as well, with this:


Yep, there’s a new Shiseido Ultimune in town — and this one’s definitely better than the original.

Not that the original isn’t, you know, great. In fact, since the launch of Shiseido’s now-iconic ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate in 2014, we’re told that it’s so popular that one slim red bottle is being purchased every 15 seconds! The serum has since won countless beauty awards globally as well for its innovative formula, which has one key purpose — it aims to strengthen our skin’s natural defenses.

Of course, everything gets better in this latest product, but more on that later because right now, we’re kinda mesmerised by their latest campaign video.

A Fresh New Attitude


As you may have noticed, there’s a whole new attitude to the brand, what with energetic women dancing expressively along the streets of Tokyo with passionate abandonment — the group’s even led by Koharu Sugawara, Japan’s famous fiery dancer who has gained international recognition for her campaign with Nike, among others.

For Shiseido’s new campaign, titled #StrongSouls, it’s frankly something we’ve never quite seen from them before. Here, the Japanese brand busts its traditional stereotype, and instead, delights with a vibrant, youthful spirit that celebrates a woman’s strength, confidence and joy.

It’s engaging. It’s refreshing. It’s radiating with positivity. And those happen to be things we want to feel too.

So, okay, it may sound superficial to say having a nice complexion does that for us, but beauty really isn’t skin-deep. Just assess how you feel on a good skin day. Chances are, like us, you’ll start the day on a more positive note, feel more confident about the way you look, more empowered even, and yes, as radiant as your skin looks.

Just ask these ladies, who all happen to lead unbelievably busy lifestyles:

@willamazing, @saffronsharpe, @tippytapp@lianmeiting

Willabelle and Saffron are both young, jet-setting individuals who’re constantly occupied with planning, managing and executing creative campaigns; in fact, Saffron does that on top of studying for her undergrad degree — she calls the Shiseido Ultimune a “must-do in my skincare ritual” for the confidence it gives her. As for young mamas Jessica Tham and Mei Ting, the former shares about the reality of both working and caring for her little boy, and compares that resolve to how Shiseido’s serum similarly unleashes our skin’s inner strength as well.

A Fresh New Formula

By now, you must be curious about how the new Shiseido Ultimune is different from its predecessor, so here goes.

For starters, the former aims to boost our skin’s natural immunity, so that it can defend itself and prevent damage. What you’ll then notice is skin that looks smoother and firmer, and altogether more resilient; it’s an all-rounder you can’t do without.

The renewed formula does all this, and on top of that, aids in generating specific cells, in particular, Langerhans cells, that help our skin fortify itself against both external and internal damage — our skin’s then stronger than ever. The idea of generating, enhancing, and promoting the growth of these cells collectively form the function of Shiseido’s new ImuGeneration Technology™.


ImuGeneration Technology™

What is it:
This uses potent natural extracts that encourage skin’s ability to defend its ideal condition, even under extreme stress.


How it helps:

1. New Ingredients — to nurture the growth of Langerhans cells; these cells create a network  in our skin to keep damage-inducing factors in check


  • Reishi Mushroom Extract ; a traditional herb that’s prized for its immunity-boosting powers
  • Iris Extract ; high in vitality, the flower blooms even in harsh desert conditions


2. Ultimune Complex™ — provides a rich source of nutrients that enhance the stress-calming power of Langerhans cells


  • ß-glucan ; extracted from bread yeast, this enhances the functions of Langerhans cells
  • Aqua-in-pool ; Shiseido’s proprietary ingredient that maintains moisture in the stratum corneum (outermost layer) of our skin
  • Bulgarian Rose Water ; promotes collagen production


3. Botanical Ingredients — improves the environment in our skin for the Langerhans cells


  • Perilla, Gingko, Thyme, and the all-new Lotus Germ ; when combined, they have antioxidative, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties so that the cells can function at their best


What you should see:
With the trio of abilities, any skin concerns you may have will clear up quickly, and over time, even diminish over time. Your skin will be smooth, supple, radiant, as well as healthier and stronger.


Additional Changes

On top of these game-changing improvements that desire to improve your overall skin strength and condition, Shiseido’s reformulated serum also feels a lot better on your skin. For one, its fortifying powers are infused into this rich, dewy texture that feels smooth and well-absorbed when applied.

Additionally, there’s a new ImuCalm Compound scent, a soothing fragrance concocted from rose and lotus that’s calming and stress-relieving when inhaled, which should put you in a good mood when you’re embarking on your daily skincare ritual.


In fact, Shiseido’s so confident about the power of its refreshed Ultimune that they’ve incorporated an actual silver lining in their new packaging as well. Maybe it’s a sign that you should pick it up, and get started on this whole new you.


Shiseido ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate, $110 for 30ml, $150 for 50ml, and $185 for 75ml. Available at Lazada and Shiseido counters. Receive an exclusive $10 voucher code for every purchase. 

Stay tuned to read our review on the new Shiseido Ultimune.