They’ve Heard Us: The McGriddles Is Making A Comeback!

You know those stories of people messaging restaurants to bring back much-loved and actually succeeding?  It’s worked again, and this time we’re getting the McGriddles back! After two years, a petition and tons of hardcore fans leaving messages on McDonald’s Facebook page, you no longer have to rely on your memories of the breakfast sandwich.

Nobody could fathom why McDonald’s decided to take the popular breakfast item off their menu, but we don’t need to ponder over this mystery anymore. In case you forgot what the burger looked liked, it’s a sausage patty with egg and cheese sandwiched between two pancake griddle cakes that’s marinated in delicious maple syrup.

Just sink your eyes into this cause y’know, you’ve got to wait till next week to actually sink your teeth into that maple-soaked bun.

If you’ve never had a McGriddles, which rock have you been living under you’ve been missing out. You no longer have to order a Breakfast  Deluxe and use your Hotcakes as a replacement for that sweet-savoury taste, as we were wont to do . The McMuffin can take a backseat for now.

While Mcdonald’s is at it, can they bring back the McCrispy too? *CROSSES FINGERS*


The McGriddles will be available at all McDonald’s islandwide from 7 June