ZALORAYA 2018: Modest Wear for the Modern Woman

The modest fashion scene has been given a modern shakeup in recent years. Women wrapped in stylish kebayas, baju kurungs, and jubahs have garnered all the love on social media, proving that conservative fashion can be fab and not a drab. Even mainstream brands like Nike and Dolce & Gabbana are playing catch-up to appeal to women of various religions and backgrounds. Modest wear isn’t exclusive to Muslim women, though — it’s a lifestyle choice, and we bore witness to the uprising of a modern rendition at one of the biggest modest wear events in the Southeast Asian region: ZALORAYA 2018.



It takes skill and a creative eye to weave, drape, and layer fabric tastefully while preserving a respectable tradition, which is exactly what we saw on the runway and online at If you need new threads in time for Hari Raya, consider these effortless, fashion-forward pieces designed with the contemporary woman in mind.






L-R: Jacquard Frill Sleeve Dress, Applique Embroidered Mesh Mermaid Dress, Jacquard Double Layer Dress

Centred on effortless elegance, the Zalia 2018 festive collection is replete with intricate designs, putting a sophisticated spin on bold silhouettes. The fresh pastel satin adorned with lace and beading gives the collection an ethereal feel and steps up its opulence. Those blouson sleeves and structured folds are also reminiscent of the ongoing Kimono Fusion trend, which we love. After all, the kimono is a Japanese garment designed for modesty too, and still holds court to this day.





L-R: Crop Top Tied Knot Skirt Kurung, Embroidered Fitted Kebaya, Frilled Peplum Top With Mermaid Skirt

Lubna, Zalora’s in-house modest fashion label, marries its signature romantic styling with a play on texture, colours, and subtle sheen. Voluptuous drapes are a trademark, and for its third festive collection, they’ve incorporated unique fabrics such as organza tulle, Chantilly lace, poly silk, and crochet jacquard to compliment a palette of pastels, earthy nudes, and metallics. We simply adored how these swaths of fabric moved on the runway.



Tom Abang Saufi


L-R: Iban Printed Necklace Kaftan, Flores Kurung, Iban Printed Necklace Camelia

We’re breaking away from romanticism for a bit. Known for her signature Sarawakian designs, Tom Abang Saufi’s aesthetic injects life to any wardrobe in the form of vivid prints and intriguing textures. For her, Raya-wear is about designing for women of all age groups while keeping with her strict no-zips, no-buttons philosophy. Her latest collection for Zalora gives a hint of heritage, bestows plenty of comfort, and lends a ton of confidence. With those bold colours and motifs, these won’t just serve as statement pieces during Raya festivities, they’ll see you through the rest of the year as well.





L-R: SAKINAH Fringe Pant Suit, TUTI Drape Pelikat Kebaya, SALEHA Modern Kebarong

For Negeri-Sembilan designer Afiq Mohamed, versatile is the new sexy. His designs celebrate femininity, but not without giving it a bold edge. The new collection takes a minimalist, almost masculine approach to the kebaya silhouette, and this time, he’s infused pastels suited for the Raya festivities with his trademark colour-blocking technique. His kebayas can be styled in many ways — glam them up for posh events or tone them down for a quieter affair. Each piece is made with a breathable lining for extra comfort too, something we can all appreciate.


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