This Incredibly Hydrating Lightweight Moisturiser Is What We Really Needed To Beat The Sun

Just as it’s important for you to keep yourself hydrated, it’s important to keep your skin moisturised too. Drinking water can only do so much; sometimes we have to turn to our skincare to tackle the bigger problems. Parched skin can result in wrinkles, acne and even patchy skin, so it’s a good idea to keep your skin nicely hydrated, which you can very easily do with a good moisturiser.

We’re always on the lookout for good moisturisers, so you can guess our excitement when belif sent over their most famous moisturiser – The true cream – aqua bomb – in its new limited edition jumbo packaging. The aqua bomb is one of belif’s cult products and I’ve read so many reviews online praising it, I couldn’t resist trying it out to see if it was really the bomb.

The true cream – aqua bomb 50ml, $54

The true cream – aqua bomb contains a blend of herbs, the key ingredient of which is the Lady’s Mantle – a herb full of antioxidants that reduces the appearances of pores and keeps the skin clear and blemish-free. Just like the name says, you can expect the moisturiser to deliver an aqua bomb in the form of hydration to your skin – it’s been clinically tested to increase your skin’s hydration levels by up to 70%.

The cream also contains the Napier Original Formula found in all belif products. This formula is the key to the efficacy of belif’s skincare as it calms your skin down by protecting your skin against irritants, and also has anti-aging benefits to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

The aqua bomb now comes in a jumbo-sized, limited edition bottle!

Previously you had to dip your fingers into the pot and scoop out a little bit of moisturiser every time you used it, irking those who are concerned about contaminating their creams. belif has just released a limited edition, tube version of the aqua bomb. Look at how cute the bottle and packaging is too!

Limited edition jumbo size! The true cream – aqua bomb 125ml, $102

The new Jumbo size comes in an easy to grip tube, where you can just squeeze out the amount that you need. No more fussing over clean spatulas. And you’re also less likely to create a mess now that you don’t have to worry about spillage or (god forbid) dropping your pot while the cap is still off. The limited edition packaging also sports a cheery blue design to remind you that your skin will thank you for the spurt of hydration.

Best of all, the limited edition packaging helps you save in the long run – it costs twice the normal price, but you get nearly three times more product!

Who is the aqua bomb suitable for?

The true cream – aqua bomb is a gel moisturiser that is ideal for normal to combination skin types. The gel moisturiser is refreshing to the touch, and it dries pretty quickly without an overly “sticky” feeling – perfect for Singapore’s humid summer weather all year round. Immediately after applying, you can feel your skin becoming more supple and bouncy to the touch, but not in a greasy way. I also liked how the moisturiser is also quite lightweight and doesn’t cake up under heavy makeup like some heavier creams tend to do.

The aqua bomb is a thin, translucent gel cream

If you suffer from dry skin, the hydrating effects of the aqua bomb might not be enough. You can also pair the true cream – aqua bomb with belif’s Numero 10 Essence to really lock in the moisture for that nice dewy glow. Alternatively, you can also try the moisturising bomb from the same true cream range, which has a thicker gel-cream consistency and is said to be even more moisturising for dry skin.

Left: Numero 10 essence, Right: The true cream – moisturising bomb

The true cream – aqua bomb 125ml limited edition, $102
Available now at all THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores and TANGS VivoCity.