Burger King’s Locally Inspired Classics Make A Comeback For Singapore’s Birthday!

A party isn’t a real party unless there’s food involved, and with the comeback of Burger King’s Double Rendang Beef Burger and Hainanese Chicken Tendergrill burger, the party’s about to get even better (and our jeans a little tighter, but hey, it’s probably worth it).

Inspired by Singapore’s favourite local delights of rendang and Hainanese chicken rice, the burgers will be available for a limited time only from the 17th of July.

Looks like we get to rejoice not only once but two times over, just in time for National Day. Perhaps nothing marks us as Singaporean more than food does. Shiok man! 

The Double Rendang Beef burger will feature two layers of hearty goodness – think double flame-grilled patties topped with crunchy onions and a signature rendang sauce, sandwiched between toasted buns. There is also the choice of the Tendergrill chicken patty with this rendang sauce should you decide on having chicken instead.

The Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken burger will also be making a comeback, with a flame-grilled chicken thigh patty laden with ginger sauce, garlic chilli and lettuce between buns.

Both the Double Rendang Beef and Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken burger value meals start from $7.95, and will be on the menu for a limited time only, so there’s no time to waste!

In case you need company while eating (the joys of food are better when shared anyway), Burger King also offers a combo meal for two at $17.90, which includes two choice burgers out of these specials, two cups of Coca Cola Zero, fries, as well as Mexican drumlets.

We daresay it sounds like a pretty good idea to watch the fireworks while snacking on one (or two, we don’t judge) of these delightfully local burgers this national day, eh? 

The Double Rendang Beef Burger and Hainanese Chicken Tendergrill burgers, will be available at Burger King from July 17th, for a limited time only. Value meals start from $7.95, and combo meals at $17.90. 

All images from Burger King