The Only Way To Fight Evil Is With :CHOCOOLATE’s New Sailor Moon Collection

:CHOCOOLATE never fails to bring casual wear to another level. From their Sesame Street collection to their Minions collection, they always manage to give cartoons a cool edge. This time round, they are releasing a new collection in collab with Japanese manga artist, Naoko Takeuchi. This manga artist is best known as the author of Sailor Moon.

It has been over 20 years since Sailor Moon first aired and it is still one of the most popular animes to ever exist. A girl who is clumsy and hates schoolwork, yet fights evil? A persona we would all love to have.


Fans will be excited to hear that apart from the five Sailor Guardians, the new collection will also include other noteworthy characters. Super villains such as Queen Nehelenia and the Amazoness Quartet, who rarely appear in other collaborative efforts with Sailor Moon, will be found in this collection.

Sailor Moon Printed Tee ($39.90)
We adore the Harajuku-style prints, and the comic book designs will make you look like a walking manga! ($43.90)
Foil effects are unique and adds extra vividness of colour to your tee. ($39.90)
There is something about pastel colours that make clothes look way cuter and woven patches are classic add-ons to your plain tees. ($39.90)


For girls who want to spice up their outfits with accessories, you can now get the Sailor Moon Jewellery Set ($69.90) which includes a choker and earrings!
We also love the Velvet Galaxy Spherical Bag ($69.90) that allows us to store all our superpowers in it.
Left: Sailor Moon Water Bottle ($49.90) / Right: Sailor Moon Humidifier ($59.90)

:CHOCOOLATE has also included two items inspired by Sailor Guardians’ signature items — a humidifier in the shape of Sailor Moon’s Holy Moon Chalice and an umbrella modelled after the iconic Kaleidomoon Scope.

The umbrella’s handle is fitted with LED lights that emit red, yellow and blue lights. Sparkly like a kaleidoscope indeed!


The :CHOCOOLATE x SAILOR MOON Collection will be available at all local stores from 9 Aug onwards.

The Sailor Moon Humidifier can be purchased at $59.90 with any purchase from the :CHOCOOLATE x SAILOR MOON collection. Get a :CHOCOOLATE x SAILOR MOON umbrella for free with a single nett purchase of $180 or above, with at least one item from the collection.