A Toner For Every Skincare Need: Mamonde’s Flower Toner Series

For those who have been following the Korean beauty scene, you’ll know of the brand Mamonde and its cult favourite Rose Water Toner. We’re also really excited to know that the brand has also released 4 more other toners to cater to different skin care needs.

For all skin types: Rose Water Toner

Introducing an upgraded version of this favourite – now with an even higher Damask rose water content at 90.97%! This bestseller has been known to be a highly hydrating toner that promotes a healthy complexion. Plus, it’s also soothing for the skin and can be used by all skin types!

$25 for 250ml, $40 for 500ml

For dull, combination skin: Aqua Peel Toner

This gentle exfoliating toner, formulated with apricot enzymes and AHAs, sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin. Speeding up your cell turnover rate will help to brighten your skin – and this toner does just that. On top of its brightening power, this toner contains plum extract to add moisture to combat any dryness after exfoliating.

$25 for 250ml

For oily skin: Pure Clean Toner

The Eoseongcho plant (i.e. Houttuynia Cordata) is a medicinal herb that is great for tightening pores and controlling sebum production. In this product, Eoseongcho is paired with West Coast mud to help control shine for those who tend to have an excess of it.

$25 for 250ml

For sensitive skin: Chamomile Pure Toner

If you have sensitive skin, the last thing you need is unnecessary ingredients – fragrances and such – that could cause irritation. Which is why with only 6 ingredients (and no fragrance!), this toner is a great choice for soothing irritated skin. By adding D-Pathenol to strengthen the skin barrier, skin becomes more protected from harsh elements, while retaining a hydrated appearance.

$25 for 250ml


For dehydrated skin: Flower Honey Toner

It’s time for deep nourishment with this viscous honey-like toner! Essentially an essence toner, this product contains 10,000 ppm concentrate of the brand’s Flower Honey and buckwheat flower extract – say hello to nourished and firm skin! Additionally, it also contains propolis for extra healing and skin moisture barrier strengthening.

$25 for 250ml



The new Mamonde Toners are available at the Takashimaya S.C. Mamonde Boutique at B1, all Mamonde Counters and at Lazada.sg from August.