Chill With Nespresso And These Iced Coffee Drinks At Their Ultimate Summer Party

You either love coffee or you don’t — there’s no such thing as in between. Yep, we feel that strongly about our beverage preferences. And we’d be sipping on long blacks and lattes all day too, if only the weather doesn’t get this unbearably hot!

Enter iced coffee. It’s definitely not the mediocre second choice, especially with the way Nespresso is doing it. You won’t get a watered-down version here; the brand has mastered perfect blends that give you the full flavour of coffee while retaining its subtle aroma, even when it’s poured over ice. Of course, that’s all been contained and sealed in capsules for optimal freshness, and to prevent any oxidation.

Nespresso’s Caffè Shakerato

This summer, they’ve even launched two limited edition coffees that’ll transport you to the Italian coast. Amalfi vacay, anybody? Both the Ispirazione Salentina and the Ispirazione Shakerato blends are inspired by Italian coffee culture (and we know they do love their coffee alright), so you’re in for some good quality drinks.

If you can’t wait to try them with Nespresso’s own Italian-inspired recipes, here’s the weekend event to be at: Nespresso Summer Chill Out!

Oh, it’s more than sipping on lattes, by the way. No matter what your ideal version of summer is — whether it’s rooftop parties or a picnic in the park — you’ll be able to indulge in it here, since there’s food, games, a photobooth, and even live music! What can we say, they sure like to keep it chill(ed).

Photo Credit: Debbie Y. Photography

Here are some worthy highlights that’ll get you excited:

The drinks!

You’ll get to try Nespresso’s new Italian-inspired iced coffee recipes — the Caffè alla Salentina and Caffè Shakerato — as well as one with a local twist, the Caffè Singapura! There’ll be exclusive Nespresso martinis as well on both days.

Nespresso’s Caffè alla Salentina

The first two coffee recipes are specially created to showcase Nespresso’s latest Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Shakerato blends. First, the Caffè alla Salentina drink, which pairs the Salentina blend’s bold, nutty flavours with almond milk over ice, topped off with a touch of sugar cane syrup. As for the Caffè Shakerato, notes of dark cocoa in the Shakerato blend go perfect with just ice and sugar, though no doubt, it’s just as refreshing.

What we’re really looking forward to though is this locally-inspired rendition!

We won’t spoil it for you that much, but the addition of evaporated milk for Nespresso’s own Caffè Singapura sure sounds like it could be a very shiok version of our local coffeeshop kopi-peng. Does it inspire you to shout your order across the crowd already?

Sweet treats!

Munch on popcorn, or be totally indulgent and go for a velvety smooth affogato topped with quality Mövenpick ice-cream.

Have fun!

Oh you definitely won’t be bored too, what with a giant dare pong game for the adventurous among us, regular table-tennis for the less daring but more active, as well as super-soaker water blasters on hand to, well, literally cool you down.

You’ll also get some insta-worthy shots at a 180-degree photobooth in the middle of a ball pool. Share your best moments at the event and you could even take home a brand-new Nespresso Essenza Mini coffee machine, a two sleeved limited-edition iced coffee pack and a Nomad bottle for coffee-to-go!

Photo Credit: Debbie Y. Photography

Live music!

To add to the summery vibes, there’ll be two music acts you can look forward to — only on Saturday though! 10-piece percussion band MOTUS and local R&B/Funk act Astronauts will be bringing some smooth jams that you’ll make you want to get up and groove. On both days, Camp Kilo’s resident DJs will also be spinning, so you’ll always have good music to accompany you.


As if the day can’t get any sweeter, there’ll also be a special deal offered just at the event — receive an exclusive gift when you purchase the Nespresso Inissia coffee machine at $53 off with 5 sleeves of coffee!

Can’t wait to spend your weekend at this summer party already? Time to grab your sunnies and head down then! Sign up here.