NYLON Singapore Beauty Hit List 2018: Pre-Serums and Boosters

If you thought facial lotions were confusing, you haven’t met our selection of pre-serums and boosters. They’re essentially lightweight skincare products that zoom in on a specific ingredient, focusing on its unique capabilities to address specific issues such as enlarged pores, blemishes, dullness, and dehydration. This allows you to customise your routine, so you can troubleshoot these skin woes as and when you face them.



1. 111SKIN Space Aqua Booster, $170

2. Bio essence Bio–Gold Rose Gold Water, $36

3. CHANEL Blue Serum, $160

4. Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%, $99

5. Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster, $95

6. Muji Booster, $20.90

7. Lancôme Genifique Sensitive, $120 WINNER!

An antioxidant-rich face serum that soothes dry, distressed sensitive skin. Contains Ferulic Acid for brightening, too!

8. Vichy Minéral 89, $62

9. IDS Pore Formula, $65

10. Estee Lauder Nutritious Shake Tonic, $30

11. RE:ERTH Multi-Targeted Elixir, $108

12. Kew Organics Malus Domestica Booster Essence, $89.70


More of NYLON Singapore’s Beauty Hit List 2018, coming soon — stay tuned! Click here to see our full list.