Review: Recent Beauty Products That I Bought

By Ann Nicole Ng

Revolution Soph Eyeshadow Palette

When I first saw this palette, my immediate thought is that it would be perfect for travel. Slightly bigger than a palm, it is jam-packed with 24 eyeshadows, and no space is wasted to include useless (sorry!) eyeshadow applicators. I adore palettes like this one because it has a wide range of colours in one place. It includes the usual neutral shades for a simple smokey eye, to different pops of colourful shades that allow you to create tons of varying eye looks.

Additionally, this palette has sturdy packaging and a substantially-sized mirror, which is commendable. In terms of quality, I would say they are not the best eyeshadows I have ever used. Apart from being fairly powdery, it also takes a bit more effort – to build up the shadows to my preferred intensity and blend them onto the eyelids, than say, a Morphe eyeshadow (they are around the same price point).


Revolution Soph Eyeshadow Palette (USD 15)


As with many palettes, the metallic shades are more pigmented than the matte ones. Despite all of this, I quite enjoy this palette and can see myself reaching for it occasionally, since the shadows are quite beautiful. Once you blend them well, they look good on the eyes. Honestly, at just ‎£10, it is worth the price.



Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

I’ll be honest here – I am ambivalent about this product. This is well-loved by several beauty YouTubers such as KathleenLights and Manny Mua, so I have had high expectations for it. My favourite thing about this product is that it has such a foolproof application. The nozzle releases the mist finely like a hairspray, so you will not have huge setting mist droplets on your made up face. With that being said, I wanted the mist to hold my makeup in place, and it does – for just about an hour.

During the first hour, my makeup looks well set, and the powders I previously applied on my skin meld together nicely. However, it does not take long for my face to scream for some blotting paper. At times, I even feel like my makeup is melting off (gasp!). Hence, this product does not work too well for me – I blame the combination of Singapore’s humidity and my relatively oily skin. So if you share a similar skin type, this setting mist will be better for you to use in a drier environment. But if you have dry skin, this may work well for you!


Morphe Continuous Setting Mist (USD 15)

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Forever

I am not sure if this particular shade is a new addition to the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor line; because I managed to find this gem only at Changi Airport recently when I was duty-free shopping. Till date, I have yet to find this shade at any pharmacies here. First of all, I love the formula of this lip product. Contrary to the traditional liquid lipstick formulas, this one does not exactly dry down like paint to a wall. It has a gel like texture, making it more forgiving and easier to apply. Unlike a conventional liquid lipstick, it requires more building up for a smooth colour payoff; but the end result is beautiful. It creates a pillowy look on the lips and it is not too drying at all. The product does wear off throughout the day though, so reapplication is recommended.

Secondly, the colour is great as well. It is a muted, neutral, rosy terracotta (seriously, I can’t get enough of such colours) – perfect to wear on a daily basis. And lastly, I like the scent too! Call me crazy but I think it smells like a mixture of candy and non-carbonated Sprite. If lip product scents bother you, don’t worry because this one isn’t too strong at all.


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Forever ($11)

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Rose Champagne

Out of all the new beauty products I purchased recently, this one is the biggest disappointment for me. I bought this because I wanted an affordable, peachy blush to travel with; one that will look good with different eye looks for different occasions. It is also recommended by beauty YouTubers, so I thought this product would be perfect for what I need.

Unfortunately, I was sorely let down by the quality of this blush. Even when applied with a heavy hand, little colour is deposited on my cheeks. As I attempt to build up the intensity of the blush, the colour blends into oblivion and the dry areas on my cheeks are emphasised instead. Not cute! I guess I have to toss this into the trash bin and continue my search for another affordable, good quality peachy blush.


Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Rose Champagne (USD 2.99)

Demeter Fragrance in Pixie Dust

I came across this fragrance brand when I was on holiday in Australia and decided to pick up this scent. Whenever I smell this, I am immediately transported to olfactory heaven. Yes, this fragrance smells delectably magical. It literally smells like what I imagine pixie dust would smell like!

According to my nose, this has notes of sugary, strawberry popping candy. It also has a hint of effervescence and tartness that only comes from the smell of a sour candy. Nevertheless, it is never too sickeningly sweet. As it lingers longer on the skin, it dries down to a light fruity vanilla scent with a slight powdery-ness. This fragrance truly puts me in an uplifted mood. Love it!


Demeter Fragrance in Pixie Dust (USD 16.80)