Swarovski’s Remix Collection Is Back With New Charms

Swarovski Remix made waves last year with the advent of its customisable jewellery, and this Fall, they’re back again this fall with brand new charms.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the Remix collection: It’s a versatile, customisable collection that allows you to mix and match for various looks and feels.

The Swarovski Remix collection boasts a huge variety of customisable strands that can be combined to create bracelets, necklaces and strandages to suit different vibes. Utilising a magnetic feature,  Swarovski jewellery snap together seamlessly.

It’s classy and also easy to put on, which is why it’s no surprise that it was awarded the Collection of the Year 2017 winner by Professional Jeweller.

This Fall, the collection features easy-to-clip-on Swarovski Remix Charms in three forms: Swarovski crystal pavé letters, colourful birthstones for every month and shimmering sentimental symbols.

That’s good news for all trinket-lovers out there who enjoy curating their own looks. Here are the newest charms that can be used to pimp your jewellery collection.

Even Prince Charming might find it hard to beat these.

Swarovski Crystal Pavé letters

Plated in rhodium and set in clear Swarovski Crystal pavé, these dazzling initials make great gifts for loved ones.  All 26 alphabets are available for purchase.

Left to right: Alphabet letters, ($59 each). All 26 alphabets available.


Swarovski has also revealed its intricately carved birthstones, one for each month. Each takes on its own meaning, and features the Swan logo and Swarovski crystal pavé on the reverse side. These beauties are sure to add a pop of colour to your jewellery collection.

Left to right: August, December, September birthstones. ($59 each). All months available.


On top of that, there’s also a range of dazzling symbols which are perfectly finished on both sides.  Fashioned as meaningful emblems, these are as sentimental as they are beautiful.

Left to right: Moon, Hamsa hand, Evil eye charms. ($59 each).
Left to right: Swan, Star charms. ($59 each).


Swarovski’s jewellery strands come in different charming designs that are eye-catching and yet easy to match. Simple and yet classic, these can be strung together to a desirable length according to the kind of look you are going for.


Left to right: Swarovski Remix Collection Strand Carrier Rhodium ($79), Swarovski Remix Collection Strand Carrier Rose Gold ($79).
Left to right: Swarovski Remix Collection Strand Mx Rose Gold ($149), Swarovski Remix Collection Strand Mx Rhodium ($149).
Left to right: Swarovski Remix Collection Strand Snowflake ($149), Swarovski Remix Collection Strand Wish ($149).

In case you’re already bedazzled by this spread, here are some looks that can be achieved either with a single strand or simple layering.

Made better with the newest charms, these looks boast even more character than before.

Good for an elegant look whether in the day or at night, this look exudes cool chicness especially when paired with a jacket. Whether it’s for the office or for a nighttime appointment, the Swarovksi collection adds a welcome tinge of sophistication.

For a more street style kind of look, the jewellery can also be paired with smart casual wear for a more laid-back mood. Simple layering also makes these additions stand out more.

There are endless possibilities as to how the collection can be worn. For an edgier vibe, the jewellery can be worn in a choker-style for a dose of glamour as well.

The Swarovski Remix Collection for Fall 2018 is available now at Swarovski stores. For more, check out  swarovski.com.

All images taken from Swarovski