All The New Lip Products We Tried This Week

It’s barely into August, and already, a new lot of beauty items are starting to pile up, especially the makeup! Not that we’re complaining though… I have to say, I’m glad every time a lip product lands on my desk — it’s the fastest thing to review! You know how much you love it on first swipe. Then, just try it on for a day to really be sure about that first impression.

Plus, lipsticks are that one makeup item most people are willing to take risks on; we’re loyal to our skincare, base makeup and eyeshadow palettes, but lipsticks? We’re more experimental, switching them out more often than when we actually swipe right on Tindr. So here you go, the lipsticks, liquids, and innovative formulas that really made an impression on the NYLON team this week — good or bad!



Shiseido Makeup ModernMatte Powder Lipstick

Shade: 502 Whisper
$46, launching 1 Sep 2018 at Shiseido counters

“This lipstick is part of Shiseido’s completely new makeup collection — everything you see on the counters is changing in September! I had the good fortune to try a few of the new products at the global launch in Tokyo last week, and this “powder lipstick” stood out for me. I’m not a big fan of lipsticks in general, so it surprised me that I really liked this one. It’s an extremely soft formula that melts onto lips — but magically stays firm in the tube — and is smooth, comfortable and blends well.

There are 24 shades in total, and I like this nude one called “Whisper”. The colour really perpetuates that whole “my lips but better” idea; and because I’m boring (with my lip colours), this shade really works for me. Importantly, the new formula is truly matte, but does not feel dry at all. And because the whole matte trend is still going strong, I can see that this new ModernMatte Powder Lipstick will be a big hit when it launches.”

— Adele Chan, Editor-in-Chief


Pretty Vulgar Bury Them With A Smile Matte Lipstick

Shade: Honest Truth
$37, launching 13 Sep 2018 at Sephora

“I was initially a bit hesitant to try out Pretty Vulgar’s matte lipstick in Honest Truth because the colour just looked so dark when I first uncapped the tube. But the shade didn’t turn out as gothic as I expected — instead, it went on as a deep, dark berry. The colour went on smoothly in a couple of swipes, although it felt a little drying (a little lip gloss before application would have solved this). Just like any other lipstick, there was minimal transfer, but the only way to really not have any transfer is finding a good liquid matte lipstick.

The next time I feel like wearing a dark colour, I would go for this because I liked how the lipstick didn’t stain my lips after I wiped it off. I really detest how some lipsticks, especially the darker ones, leave behind a shadow that even makeup remover can’t get rid of, and this one doesn’t! Major plus point, IMO.”

— Michelle Ng, Writer


shu uemura Rouge Unlimited

Shade: Matte BR775
$38, available at shu uemura stores and counters

“Let me start off by saying that I have always been more partial to liquid lipsticks, simply because I find it easier to apply without a mirror, so when you find a solid lipstick sitting my bag for more than a few days, you know it has to be good. I’m no stranger to shu uemura’s lipsticks, and had already possessed a few of their older shades before this one found its way into my hands — this one’s part of their new autumn range.

It’s smooth, pigmented, doesn’t dry out my lips and lasts throughout a good part of my day without requiring any touch-ups. There’s also something about the burnt orange hue that manages to stand out among the many shades of red I own, and knowing my lipstick-hoarding tendencies, I’d probably be adding more shades from this range to my collection in due time.”

— Patrene Mathieu, Designer




Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

Shade: 400, The Red
$55, available at the Giorgio Armani Beauty counter at TANGS

“I haven’t been this excited to try a new lipstick in a while — it’s Armani, it’s soo raved-about, and okay, it’s 99% because I was at the launch event and saw this signature red on the lips of every single brand spokesperson. And it looked absolutely gorgeous on all of them! Fun fact: Mr. Armani rejected, oh,  just 95 shades, before this perfect one was born. Then again, if you’ve got the confidence to name your lipstick shade “The Red”, it had better live up to that promise.

I’m pleased to say this one does! On first swipe, the universal red went on super pigmented, as vivid and true as it looks in the tube and lacquer packaging. There’s something about its soft texture that’s rich, plush and just, designer — like my lips were swathed in luxury. The creamy consistency coated my lips smoothly, and as intense as the colour was, it never felt drying; the velvet-matte finish was comfortable on my lips throughout the day, though I have to say, it wasn’t particularly long-wearing. It held up alright after coffee, but I needed a major touch-up after my meal as the colour on the centre of my lips had faded away. And you know, it’s such a bright shade that meant the fade was really obvious. Then again, the colour’s so stunning that I don’t mind that extra maintenance at all!”

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

Shade: Crush
$40, available soon at Sephora

“Among all the latest Sephora launches this year, I’m probably most excited about Huda Beauty. I’ve been pretty impressed with their highlighter and eyeshadow palettes so far, and their lipsticks are also highly raved about, which made me excited to try them too. The Liquid Matte Lipstick comes in a frosted glass tube, and the colour you see in the tube and when you swatch it is slightly different. I picked Crush to try since it looked like it would be a nice neutral colour, and it turned out to be a very light nude with pink undertones that made me look washed out. The pigmentation was strong, but for some reason Crush didn’t sit well on my lips and dried streakily.

Not the best first impression for such a hyped-about product, but I had a much better experience with Bombshell, where the colour applied more evenly. The lipstick dries quickly, but the colour also fades pretty quickly especially when you’re eating. Maybe I just didn’t pick the right colour at first, but my overall impression of the lipstick was just average — it’s not bad (except for Crush), and I didn’t think it deserved all the hype around it.”

— Michelle Ng, Writer


Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Shade: 168 Serenity
$50, available at Chanel stores and counters

“I have to admit, I’m highly swayed by the campaign images of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2018 launch — just walk by one of their beauty counters to take a look! The model close-ups really give you a chance to admire Lucia Pica’s latest creations, which this season, delve into mattes textures, in all-matte packaging.

So, yes, the lipstick. I usually go straight for either brighter shades or brick tones for my lipsticks (“Serenity” isn’t quite my thing), so this one seemed too safe for me at first — as it turns out though, I really loved the shade! Somehow, it’s the exact shade of my lips, so when I had it on, they transformed into glorious “my lips but better” perfection. I liked how it smoothly glides and fills in my lips, and then dries quickly into this soft, weightless texture, probably due to the hydrating formula; there was a subtle elegant quality to it too. I can’t quite comment on how transfer-proof it was since it really matched my lips to a fault, so any fading wasn’t obvious at all. I’m saving this for barely-there makeup days!”

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor


Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion

Shade: Fierce Beauty
$48, available at Estée Lauder stores and counters

“Estée Lauder is one of those beauty brands that everyone knows about, and recently, they’ve been introducing new types of lipstick formulas, including this liquid one. The Lip Potion went on very pigmented, creamy, with a light vanilla scent that smells quite nice; there’s also a slight lip-plumping effect. It’s lightweight, not too heavy, with a smooth texture and satin-matte finish. The applicator brush glides on great too! However, I wouldn’t say that it’s very long-lasting — the colour went off after a meal, and honestly, I’m not a fan of this particular shade as well (it’s too loud compared to what I’m used to). I would use it more regularly if I find a suitable shade though!”

— Jane Lee, Media Executive




Clarins Water Lip Stain

Shade: Red Water
$36, available at the Clarins boutique and counters

“The very first thing that caught my eye was the lip stain’s claim on the box that it can last up to 300 kisses. Most of the other lip stains that I’ve used usually last a couple of hours, while the colours usually fade very fast. Which is why I was surprised to find a lip stain that actually stains my lips. I didn’t even need to apply a few layers to get rosy red lips — just one pump of the watery tint was enough.

Time to put the lip stain to the test! It didn’t leave any marks on my coffee cup or the back of my hand, and it survived my fish soup lunch. At night, I even went on a date with a couple of pecks (on the cheeks and lips) without leaving any marks or my lips losing any colour. When I got home, my stained lips had faded into a pink, and it still looked good without any touching up throughout the day. I’ve worn this almost every other day since it landed on my desk, and it’s definitely staying in my makeup pouch!”

— Michelle Ng, Writer


Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse

Shade: Echo
$33, available at Urban Decay stores

“As someone who dislikes using matte lipsticks due to how they dry my lips, I was skeptical when I first got my hands on the Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse. Echo’s a dark magenta-plum colour though, a shade I would definitely reach for! The product comes with a cute little applicator that pops out from a storage slot when you open the lid, though you can simply use your finger to blend the shade out as well.

I tried the product both ways, and the difference is in the precision and finish. The applicator provides fuller coverage all over the lips; in contrast, dabbing the colour on with my fingers is a faster way to apply it, and gives a more sheer effect. With a clay-like texture, the product is not powdery or flaky, and feels soft, almost like a pillow. On first swipe, I realised that the colour goes on creamy and pigmented. Though it didn’t last me throughout the day and I had to touch up twice, this matte lipstick rested well on my usually-chapped lips. Alternatively, dab a small amount on your cheeks for a sheer blush!”

— Yen Shuen, Editorial Assistant


Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip

Shade: No. 9 Velvet Red
$18, available at Mamonde stores and counters

“To anyone that wants to achieve those oh-so-trendy Korean gradient lips without spending a fortune, this is the product for you. Instead of a watery texture, this colour goes on creamy and pigmented with a vivid coverage. The angled applicator makes it easy to access the inner sections of your lip, and the great thing about this squeeze packaging is that you are in control of how much lipstick you wish to dispense with some practise for just the right amount of pigment to achieve the look you desire. My only gripe about this lipstick is how messy the applicator gets once you’re finished, but it’s a small price to pay for good results.”

— Patrene Mathieu, Designer