Belif’s Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask Will Make You Believe In Sleeping Masks

Ever wondered how some people maintain hydrated and soft skin? Beauty bloggers and influencers everywhere swear by a few products – and sleeping masks are one of them. Cellular renewal of our skin is fastest at night, thus sleeping masks can help to restore and fix skin.

Most people will know belif for their bestseller, the True Cream Aqua bomb. This gel cream supplies moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort. What people might not know is, belif is releasing a new product under that popular range — the Aqua bomb Sleeping Mask.

belif’s bestseller, the True Cream Aqua bomb. Taken from belif’s Facebook page.

About time, we say! Sleeping masks are now a staple for established k-beauty brands, so we’re glad that belif’s now on board too. Here’s why they work especially well.

As our cells rebuild and repair themselves at night, the absorption of nutrients is at its peak. With belif’s Aqua bomb Sleeping Mask, your skin will lock and seal in moisture all night long — you’ll wake up with skin like that of a newborn baby; ultra-hydrated and intensely nourished!

The new Aqua bomb Sleeping Mask

What makes this sleeping mask different is the fact that it has a jelly-pudding texture unlike any other. The ‘memory’ formula of this mask blankets and wraps around the contours of your skin, going back to its jelly-pudding form once applied. The good thing about that is how it covers every part of your skin without melting away, and you’ll feel hydrated without it trapping your pores.

The best part is, the product is pillow-proof, meaning that your pillow will not soak up the product when you’re asleep. Instructions on the box state that a thin layer should be applied evenly across your face.

I gave it a go, and after application, I could barely feel the mask on my face because of how light it is. The cooling sensation is also great for Singapore’s weather, and I managed to get my beauty sleep while knowing that the mask is doing all the work on my skin.

I like how it made me look and feel more refreshed after, practically a miracle mask. My complexion was visibly brightened and plus points for how fresh this mask smells!

The mask has a jelly-like consistency, which makes it easy to scoop and hard to slip off. When slathered on, it turns semi-fluid, which is then quickly absorbed so it can get to replenishing and rejuvenating your skin. We also love that this sleeping mask is suitable for all skin types: dry, sensitive, oily, dull and fatigued.

Key ingredients include Scottish Heather, which has excellent anti-inflammation effects to help soothe and calm skin; Napiers Aqua Formula, to moisturise the skin by supplying abundant levels of hydration; and Napiers Original Formula, the key formula with skin-calming, anti-trouble, and anti-ageing benefits. You will definitely get your money’s worth.

Sleeping masks are called sleeping masks for a reason, you apply a thin layer on your face and go to sleep. Then, wash it off the next morning. The pillow-proof formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly for fuss-free hydration. Not only did it give my skin a healthy glow, it brightened my face and made my skin supple, which means the mask was as highly effective as promised. Plus, I happen to think that it’s great for lazy people who don’t want to go for facials!


The Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask (75ml, $43) is now available at THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores and TANGS VivoCity.