The Converse One Star Carnival Collection Is Full Of Spunk And Attitude

If the Chuck Taylors are for the basketballers, then the Converse One Star is for all the rebels out there. The skaters, musicians and filmmakers now all sport the Converse One Star, one of the most classic silhouettes in alternative street wear sneakers even though it was originally introduced as a basketball shoe in the 70s.

You’ll be able to recognise the Converse One Star silhouette at one glance by the white star underlay on either side of the shoe, outlined in contrasting white stitching. The One Star has always struggled to be part of the pack having been ‘Rated One Star’. Despite its dismal start (the shoes were originally pulled a year after its release), the Converse One Star has risen against the odds to become one of Converse’s most coveted silhouettes.

Today, it’s the nonconformists who sport the One Star, defiant and determined to live by their own rules.

Sam Rui and Jasper Tan (vilecorps) for Converse

Right here in Singapore, singer-songwriter Sam Rui and filmmaker Jasper Tan (or better known by his Instagram handle @vilecorpses) are the faces of Converse’s latest Rated One Star, chosen for their relentless determination in choosing to be artists. Chasing your artistic dreams in Singapore is not exactly the best way to pay your bills, but Sam and Jasper are not afraid to go against the norm. Sam Rui’s making waves in the R&B scene since she released her debut album at the mere age of 21, and has performed at festivals like Laneway and Ultra Singapore, while Jasper Tan has managed to garner himself a substantial following on Instagram thanks to his eccentric filmography.

You don’t have to be part of the status quo to be cool – sometimes its the anti-conformists who are the true #rebels, making waves by believing in themselves just like the Converse One Star. If you want to be filmmaker, a singer, or even a painter, go ahead! Don’t let other people’s opinions deter you.

For this year’s Holiday Collection, Converse reinvents the classic silhouette in bold colourblocks for the Rated One Star Collective, which includes the Carnival and Vintage Suede packs. Take a look at the kicks below!


When you think of carnivals, you’ll probably think of bright reds and yellows -which is why the Carnival pack comes in vibrant, two-toned colourways and premium suede uppers to stand out in a sea of black, white and grey sneakers.

The Carnival pack draws inspiration from skate culture, the underdogs of the 90s with their rebellious attitude. The bold colours follow the colour blocking trend in skate culture, inject a dose of attitude and spunk into your wardrobe. The cutout which usually reveals the underlying white star now comes in various colours, although all  the designs retain the contrasting white stitching.

Dare to stand out with any of these three colourways.

One Star Carnival in Enamel Red


One Star Carnival in Apple Green
One Star Carnival in Bold Mandarin


Want something not so bold, but equally as eye-catching? You might want to go for the One Star Vintage Suede in Field Surplus, a gorgeous forest green colourway. The Vintage Suede also keeps all the features of the classic Converse One Star with the single star motif, white stitching, and no metal eyelets on the lace holes.

One Star Vintage Suede in Field Surplus

Of course, if you’re not feeling any of the other colours, there’s always the classic Vintage Suede in Black. You can’t go wrong with a black low-cut, and they’ll look great with skinny jeans or fishnets.

One Star Vintage Suede in Black

The Converse One Star Carnival Pack (Bold Mandarin, Enamel Red, Apple Green), $139.90, is available now at all Converse boutiques.

The Converse Vintage Suede Pack (Black, Field Surplus), $129.90, is available now at all Converse boutiques.