Indulge In Frozen Smores And Matcha Fondue At This Matcha Cafe

Another popular matcha cafe is now in Singapore! And this one’s known for its creative matcha treats like frozen matcha smores and matcha cakes.

The original Saryo cafe is about 4 minutes away from Kagurazaka Station in Tokyo, and has become one of the most popular cafes amongst both matcha and healthy food lovers. Saryo now has 9 different outlets in Japan, with super long queues especially on the weekends. The Japanese cafe has just opened its overseas outlet in Singapore, and has brought over its most popular matcha desserts and a small selection of savoury foods.

The most popular dessert has to be the Matcha Fondue that consists of a mix of high-quality Uji Matcha and white chocolate. You get strawberries, mochi, pie flakes, and vanilla ice cream to dip into your matcha fondue. Yum!


Another signature dessert, the matcha parfait is topped with matcha and vanilla ice cream, matcha pudding, Azuki beans, and mochi.


The Matcha Frozen Smores are also worth a try, and you can choose for it to come with a vanilla or matcha ice cream base. The gooey marshmallows and ice cream is sprinkled with granola, and the bittersweet matcha prevents the dessert from becoming overtly sweet.


Baked desserts include a Brulee Matcha Chiffon Cake, tarts, and matcha cheesecakes. Saryo also has more traditional Japanese sweets; there is a cold matcha zenzai with azuki dango, anmitsu (kind of like agar jelly with toppings).


Have you heard of nitro coffee? Saryo serves up the matcha version of nitro coffee. Choose from the Matcha Nitro Drink or mix it up with the Matcha Houjicha Nitro Drink. Both drinks also come with some warabi mochi as a little snack. The creamy drink is bittersweet, and there is no sugar added.


Will all the real matcha lovers please stand up? Hailing all the way from Tokyo, Kagurazaka Saryo (@kagurazakasaryosg) has opened its first store in Singapore at Vivocity (@vivocitysingapore)! With much anticipation, I tried the Matcha Houjicha Nitro Drink ($7.90) which is essentially matcha + houjicha infused with nitrogen. The consistency is really smooth and creamy. I mean, check out that froth! 😍 The addictive bittersweet taste is what Japanese refers to as 大人の味 (otona no aji) which means grown-up flavour. If you are into sweeter tea flavours, they have Iced Matcha/Houjicha Latte with kuromitsu or chocolate! 😘 #kagurazakasaryosg #kagurazakasaryo #matchalover #houjicha #matchahoujichanitrodrink #nitrodrinks #大人の味 #dessertcafe #burpple #burpplesg #tslmakan #eatbooksg #setheats #feedfeed #f52grams #instasg #foodstagram #foodgasm #wheretoeatsg #sgfood #sgfoodporn #sgfoodies #sgeats #goodthingsmustshare #foreverhungry  #hungrygowhere  #singaporeinsiders  #シンガポール #сингапур #싱가포르

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For a sweeter drink, try their iced azuki shiratama lattes or iced kutomitsu lattes instead. Hot matcha and hojicha lattes are also on the menu. Of course, if you want to enjoy the bitterness and sweetness of Uji Matcha in itself, there is the O Matcha, a cup of the best premium matcha. You even get to mix the matcha powder and the water with a bamboo whisk, just like how you would in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.


Over on the savoury side, you can fill your belly with a soupy dish called cha-nabe. The soupy dishes come with various toppings and soup bases, and it comes with your choice of rice or udon. The selection isn’t as great as the ones in Japan, but the portions are pretty generous.

The cafe in Japan occasionally has seasonal flavours like Pumpkin Fondue and Mont Blanc Frozen Smores, and we’re just hoping that they’ll bring those flavours over too!

#01-59, VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, S098585
Open daily from 12pm to 9pm
(65) 6376 9978
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