All The New Beauty Brands Launching at Sephora This Fall

Here at NYLON, there are two things we look forward to: Sephora’s Spring/ Summer Press Day and Sephora’s Fall Press Day. Not only do we get to see all of the latest launches from all our favourite brands on Sephora’s shelves, we also get to try out all the new products that we can FINALLY get our hands on here.

Side note: it’s also just about the perfect time to start putting together your makeup wishlist for Christmas. Just saying.

Huda Beauty

Makeup artist Huda Kattan first started out making her own lashes, which became so popular that she decided to expand into makeup. And now we’ve got gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks in all sorts of shades and finishes to play around with. Be prepared for loads of glitter and sparkles (there’s even a shade of just pure glitter in the Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette) that’ll even suit darker skin tones. Huda Beauty also carries a wide range of foundations, with 30 shades to choose from.

What we’re eyeing: Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette


Way back in 2014 before she met Harry, Meghan Markle swore by Tatcha’s Rice Polish Deep. The cleanser has just recently been revamped to be suitable  for all skin types and won’t strip your skin of its natural nutrients due to its pH-neutral amino acid base, and many beauty sites and bloggers are saying that it’s worth its hype. Definitely worth checking out!

The beauty brand was founded by Victoria Tsai, who was inspired by a chance encounter with a modern-day geisha to create her own skincare collection. You’ll be able to spot superfoods and staples found in Japanese diets like green tea and rice in the products, and we are loving the sleek, minimalistic packaging of the product too.

What we’re eyeing: The Silk Canvas which is a primer that protects and primes your skin.

Pretty Vulgar

“You can be pretty and  vulgar at the same time.” That’s what a rep from the brand told us when we were at Sephora’s latest launch day.

With cheeky names like “Glimmers of BS” (a rosy highlighter) and sweet floral packaging that borders on vintage, Pretty Vulgar is pretty unique in an industry filled with glittery, mermaid-inspired makeup. The idea is that you might be feeling like you’re in a pretty mood and still be feeling a little vulgar. The brand’s dropping its entire collection at Sephora, which includes eyeshadow palettes, matte and glossy lipsticks, primers, powders, highlighters, and a super On Point Liquid Eyeliner Pen for that #BadAss cat eye flick.

What we’re eyeing: the holographic Shimmering Swan Highlighter in Lilac Lust

Sunday Riley

Whether you fell for Sunday Riley’s packaging or for their effective skincare formulas, the beauty brand has managed to garner legions of devoted fans who swears by their products. Sunday Riley (who is an actual, real person who prefers to stay behind the scenes) has recently launched their first ever foundation in 20 shades, but its their skincare that’s racking up all those five star reviews. The most famous product has to be Luna Sleeping Oil, a midnight blue oil that is packed with retinol to smoothen skin and boost collagen production.

Our editor Adele tried out the Luna Sleeping Oil to see if its worth the hype, and found that the effective formula actually made her skin soft and silky overnight.

What we’re eyeing: C.E.O., a Vitamin C-charged brightening serum/  the Luna Sleeping Oil

Saturday Skin

Don’t be fooled by the pastel pink brand that’s based in US – Saturday Skin’s formulas are developed in Korea. Their entire skincare range includes eye cream, essence, lotion (which is essentially the same as your moisturiser) and cleanser that is formulated for all skin types. For some Saturday pampering at home, try out their face masks – the Spotlight to brighten your skin, or the Quench Hydration Mask for a boost of hydration.

What we’re eyeing: Spotlight Brightening Mask and Quench Hydration Mask

Marie Dalgar Color Studio

Following closely on the holographic trend, Marie Dalgar Color Studio is making their overseas debut with their It’s Holo collection, a collection of holographic highlighters and crystal lip-toppers. Their eyeshadow and highlighter palettes is packed full of pastel shimmers for that glow.

What we’re eyeing: It’s Holo Highlighter Palette


Here’s another Korean skincare brand to get that flawless, radiant glow. It’s all about masking over at STARSKIN, and you’ll find everything from Exfoliating Foot Mask Socks to a 7-Second Morning Mask, and even a COCO-NUTS Hot Oil Hair Mask. Leave no part of your body un-masked.

What we’re eyeing: Micro-filler Mask Pack, a non-invasive, anti-aging mask

Tata Harper

Tata Harper is all about natural and organic ingredients that is non-toxic for your skin. As one of the bigger beauty brand that laud the farm-to-face movement, Tata Harper has become synonymous amongst influencers as an organic skincare brand. Harper herself has experimented with all the various raw ingredients to create blends of formulas that contain anything from 8 to 50 natural active ingredients, whilst finding the best way to keep these formulas fresh in the bottles for as long as possible.

What we’re eyeing: Clarifying Cleanser


Coconut oil can be used for everything – for cooking, massaging and even in body products. Some might even call it… the miracle beauty solution. After all, it’s natural, moisturising, and absorbs into the skin quickly. Kopari’s entire product line revolves around this one ingredient – coconut oil. Fan favourites include the Coconut Melt, a multi-tasking hydrating cream that can be used as a makeup remover, to remove fade marks, when you’re dry shaving, and is even safe to use on babies, and the Coconut Body Glow, a skin illuminator infused with pearly pigments that can be used on your face or body.

What we’re eyeing: Coconut Crush Scrub/ Coconut Melt

Allies Of Skin

This local beauty brand has been around for only two years, and its products will now be stocked at Sephora! Allies Of Skin’s claim to fame in the beauty industry is its formula that contains ingredients that help to stimulate collagen production in the skin. This fall, the brand has re-released their most popular product – the 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask – with an improved and an even more concentrated formula, and will also be adding a new moisturiser – the Molecular Multi-Nutrient Day Cream to combat breakouts and reduce inflammation.

What we’re eyeing: the 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask (released with a new formulation!)