IKEA’s Newest Ugly-Chic Collection Is Affordably Hipster

IKEA is all about clean lines and minimalistic furniture, which is why their latest collaboration, FÖREMÅL, with Swedish designer Per B Sundberg lands on the other end of the spectrum of minimalism.

The eccentric collection toes the lines between hipster and ugly, but every single piece is something that you’ll probably never find in IKEA’s regular collection. Just like the rest of IKEA’s products, the FÖREMÅL collection is also pretty affordable.

Think kaleidoscopic cushions, grunge-y dog candlesticks, bananas and mushroom vases and ceramic skull plant pots.

Of course, it might seem a bit off to get home decor that is being touted as “ugly”, but there’s a certain allure to these intentionally gaudy and bizarre pieces. Sundberg, who’s known for his unexpected and humorous designs, draws inspiration from his surroundings, which could be anything from blemishes to everyday objects like bananas. There’s even a cushion with a seemingly abstract design that looks like a seeded fruit cut in half, but is actually a scanned and enlarged coffee stain from his workbench. Go figure!

This limited edition collection won’t be stocked at IKEA stores, and will only be available online from 20 September onwards.

FÖREMÅL vase, $14.90
FÖREMÅL candlestick, dog, $12.90
FÖREMÅL box with lid, $24.90
FÖREMÅL plant pot, $39.90
FÖREMÅL candlestick set of 2, dog, $59
FÖREMÅL cushion, $24.90
FÖREMÅL rug, low pile, $199
FÖREMÅL cushion, $19.90
FÖREMÅL rqack with 3 hooks, $19.90
FÖREMÅL vase, mushroom, $24.90


The IKEA x FÖREMÅL collection is only available online from 20 September 2018.