Interview: We Talked To The Co-Founder Of Dr Dennis Gross, Carrie Gross

Ever wondered how some people can have flawless skin at the age of 50? Carrie Gross, the co-founder and wife of Dr Dennis Gross, is one of them. Of course, it isn’t just about ‘drinking water’. Skincare products play a huge role in our lives to protect our skin and brighten our complexion.



For those who are unfamiliar with Dr Dennis Gross, here’s a rundown: A practicing dermatologist and veteran skin cancer researcher, he creates products to work with the busy lifestyles that we lead. And that is how he came up with the brand under his name, Dr Dennis Gross.

Dr Dennis Gross personally formulates cruelty-free products for all skin types using complex science and natural ingredients. One such example is the Alpha Beta Peel, the holy grail which exfoliates, improves radiance, and removes lines and wrinkles.

When we met up with Carrie Gross, co-founder of Dr Dennis Gross, to talk about the skincare line, she says that the key thing about the brand is, quite frankly, results. “Everyone has high expectations and they want results fast, so one of the things that we guarantee is when you use our products, you will be able to see a difference in the mirror immediately,” she says.

Here’s everything she has to say about the inspiration behind the brand, and some of her favourite products.



Carrie Gross — Wife and Co-founder of Dr Dennis Gross

You changed your career path after 12 years in the fashion industry, would you ever go back to fashion?

I don’t miss the fashion industry at all, because to me, there’s nothing more exciting than talking about skin. I grew up in California and I would play tennis, bike ride, and go to the ocean. I had some sun damage during my 30s and I thought, “OMG what am I gonna do for my skin?” Dennis taught me how to read the labels and I was so fascinated by how he analysed ingredients and what he was teaching me, so I thought that everyone needs to have this information! I still love fashion, as fashion and beauty are so interconnected but I am completely in love with the skin care industry.


Dr Dennis Gross and Carrie Gross

When you’re not developing new products or working in the office, what would you be doing?

I love yoga. I do yoga almost everyday. And I have four children, two dogs and I love to cook. I love to go to the Farmer’s Market, get organic vegetables and have big dinners at home with my family. So after I leave the office, I go to yoga and I get home in time to make a really healthy dinner and have quality conversation (with my family).


Taken from Carrie’s (@mscarriegross) Instagram

Where do you get the inspiration for new products?

So we always want to create something that is new and different. We never do something simple or basic. And I think our inspiration really does come from science and from people’s lifestyles. Everyone has high expectations and they want results fast, so one of the things that we guarantee; is when you use our products, you will be able to see a difference in the mirror immediately. We always want to give your skin an instant glow, along with long-term benefits.

What are your bestsellers?

Our Alpha Beta Peels are our bestsellers. Second to that, is the Vitamin C Serum and our Ferulic + Retinol Eye Serum. It’s really phenomenal. We also have our hyaluronic acid collection, and this is one of our best selling eye treatments.


Left to right: Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum, Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel, C + Collagen Vitamin C Serum

Can you explain how to use the Alpha Beta Peel?

If you have a moisturiser that you love, you can add this peel into your regimen. It makes all your other products work better. Because what it’s doing is, it’s removing the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of our skin every single day. Step 1 is acidic, you wait 2 minutes and then you use step 2, which is an alkaline step.


If you had to recommend one product to people who are just starting on a skincare routine, which product would it be?

Okay so, you know, it would be horrible for me not to say an SPF, right? But everybody needs to use SPF, from when you’re a little child, you need to be using SPF. But if you’re talking about anti-ageing, an ingredient to start your routine, if someone’s in their twenties, they firstly need good habits. Learning how to cleanse your skin is the first step. After that, for someone just starting out, I would say to use an eye product because that is the first area to show signs of ageing. But if someone’s got complexion issues then they need to go to the Alpha Beta Peel.

Which Dr Dennis Gross products are you not able to live without?

Alpha Beta Extra Strength. And the AM (Vitamin C Serum) and PM (Ferulic Retinol Eye Serum) serum.


Left to right: Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum, Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength, C + Collagen Vitamin C Serum


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