The Root Cause of Millennial Hair Loss

Is a happy head of hair possible without a healthy scalp? Are we spending too much time on our hair instead of caring for our scalp? Think of it this way — scalp care is just as important as your skincare routine. We try to take supplements, try different types of shampoo and all sorts of hair oils, in the hopes of reviving our dull hair. But do we really know what we’re getting our hair and scalp into?

If you’re finding a treatment to fix your mane problems, here’s a treatment that helps — for both healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

Hair & Scalp Analysis

Upon my arrival at TK Trichokare, a leading hair & scalp care centre with more than a decade of experience, I was warmly welcomed by their friendly staff and I was ushered to the consultation room to do a detailed analysis of my hair condition.

I knew that my scalp wasn’t in any good condition and I am really in need of this treatment to save my tresses from the depths of despair. Trust me, when it comes to experimenting with hair treatments and products, I’m the Jack of all Trades — bleaching, dyeing, using hot press tools daily, you name it!

Before the start of the analysis, I had to fill up a form that involved detailed data collection of my dietary habits, sleep pattern and hormonal changes, etc. It was only then when I subconsciously realised the things that my scalp has gone through these past few months. Honestly, I never once thought I’d experience the possibility of hair loss, especially at such a young age due to some underlying scalp issues.

My trichologist, Jeannie, as she explains more about the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment

My Hair & Scalp Specialist Jeannie, explains to me the signs and causes of hair loss and emphasised the importance of hair care. Here are some of the things I picked up from the brief lesson:

Besides ageing, hair loss can also be caused by a myriad of factors which includes:
– Hormonal imbalance: due to irregular period cycles and stress
– Menopause
– Motherhood
– Diet and nutrition
– Environmental pollution

Jeannie also mentioned that hair, similar to our skin ages as well. In fact, your hair ages 20 times faster than the body does. Pretty shocking, isn’t it?

As you can see, there are a ton of things that contribute to hair loss which many of us are unaware of. The skin on our scalp deserve just as much TLC as the skin on our face does, hence, scalp treatments are just as important as your facials. Sure, we can blame the weather for being a little harsh on our scalp, but exercising proper care and maintenance is also essential to maintaining a healthy lock of hair.

Analysing the health of my scalp

Jeannie performed a scalp analysis on me and based on the images, we saw that I had an oily scalp with some dandruff — gross, I know.

A closer look at my scalp before commencing on the treatment

I was recommended Trichokare’s Award Winning Hair & Scalp Treatment to fix my tresses as it is specially developed to help customers who suffer from oily scalp and dandruff. Also, it helps to control hair loss, maintain the functionality of the hair and it’s suitable for all hair types. The treatment consists of Customized Hair Masque, TriOxy and lastly Photodynamic Therapy.

Customised Premium Herbal Scalp Massage

Step 1: Masque application
Spritzing the AHA and BHA concentrate on the roots and massaging it in for better absorption.

A masque was applied onto my scalp, which can help to exfoliate the dead layer of the scalp and remove impurities and excess sebum. It is great for deep cleansing and detoxifying my scalp.

Step 2: revitalising hair bath

After leaving the masque on to my scalp for 5 to 10 minutes, I was brought to have a thorough rinse. Here, she used a special type of hair tonic that deeply detoxified and nourished my scalp that left me clean and refreshed. 

But that’s not all. What I love the most about rinsing my hair would be the therapeutic massage that came along with it. The massage was beyond amazing and it felt like I had my head in the clouds! It really relieved me from the stress and tension I had, and I never wanted it to end.

step 3: trioxy
TriOxy treatment

For the next step of the treatment, Jeannie ushered me back to my seat before she started on the TriOxy treatment. It consists of 3 steps — OxyPeel, OxyJet and Oxynutrient.

OxyPeel exfoliates dead skin from clogged pores, OxyJet helps to accelerate scalp’s cell metabolism and improves blood circulation while OxyNutrient provides nutrients and boost hydration to the scalp.

TriOxy treatment consists of naturally derived ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) — these ingredients help in exfoliation, hydration and retention of moisture and nutrients.

As crazy as it may seem, I really did enjoy the treatment as I can feel the cool spurts of air pressure on my head. And not to mention, they were also very thorough throughout the whole entire process of the treatment — carefully sectioning my hair into smaller sections so that she doesn’t miss any strand out.


After the TriOxy treatment, next step was blow dried my hair and I felt a little bittersweet about it because I knew it was nearing the end of the treatment and a part of me didn’t want it to end.

Close up of the blowdryer

Then, was asked by the Jeannie if I wanted to straighten or curl my hair. Of course, I chose the latter. She then proceeds to take out this fancy-looking hairdryer that had a red tube connected to it. I was taken aback and felt a little apprehensive about it but to my surprise, I was impressed by the results.

Basically, you need to twirl your hair and let it sit in the tube for 15 seconds while the hairdryer is switched on. Voila! It’s as simple as that! Noticeably, it really does work as it curls your hair in an instant and it’d be a great addition to anyone’s routine if they’re planning to get soft, airy curls but are pressed for time.

With the beautiful curls, I feel like a character who just walk right out of the Korean drama.

Step 5: photodynamic Therapy
Photodynamic Therapy at TK TrichoKare

As part of the last step of the treatment, they brought in this huge alien-like structure with blinding red lights built into it and placed it over my head. In a state of bewilderment, I was informed that this was their photodynamic therapy, which supports hair regeneration and helps accelerate healing of the scalp.

Closeup of the Photodynamic System

First impressions wise (and probably because of the red lights as well) I had a feeling that my scalp had to go through high exposures of heat. But, that was not the case. Instead, it didn’t feel hot and neither did it feel cool too. It felt a little warm on the head but it wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling either. The machine is said to help the hair to fully absorb and lock in the serums that were applied earlier.

I relaxed into my massage chair as I enjoyed the last bits of the treatment before it came to an end.

After The Treatment 

Post-treatment analysis
Before the treatment (left) and after the treatment (right) comparison

As you can see from the images above, how cleansed my scalp was after the treatment. It added volume and made my hair feel airy and light to the touch. There was also no flakes on my roots, which was a definite plus to me.

The treatment helped to regain my hair’s health and vitality.

My specialist, Jeannie also emphasised the need to do hair treatments more than once a month to maintain the condition of your hair.

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