A Complete Skincare Routine Guide For Your Body

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin. Buying new facial products, going for facials, and the list goes on. But do you know taking care of the skin on your body is just as important?

Finding the right skincare regime for your own skin type can be a little tricky because some regimes may not be a good fit for all skin types. Nonetheless, it’s still key to give your body the right TLC that it well deserves, with these few simple skincare hacks.

1. Cleanse 

LES EAUX DE CHANEL, Gel Douche, $78. Available at all Chanel Beauty stores.

Pampering yourself after a long day out might just be the best feeling in the world. Kickstart your skincare regime by getting completely clean — from head to toe. Most of us enjoy hot showers but keep in mind that a hot shower doesn’t do your body any good if it’s scalding hot! Keep it warm so that you’ll allow your pores to open before lathering on a good body cleanser like the one from Chanel Beauty’s new Bath Line LES EAUX DE CHANEL. It’s a great cleanser for your body if you like something that’s fragrant and rejuvenating.

2. Scrub 

Frank Body Scrub (Photo Courtesy)

Don’t you just hate how you don’t feel comfortable strutting around in your bikini bottoms or there’s something holding you back from wearing that cute backless dress? We feel you.

“Follow the call of the disco ball” with Frank Body’s Shimmer Scrub, USD19.95. (Photo Courtesy)

Many fail to realise the importance of exfoliating on a regular basis, when in fact, it plays a pivotal role in everybody’s skincare regime. Get rid of dead skin cells, back acne and stretch marks with a scrub just like this one from Frank Body. This scrub isn’t a newcomer, but essentially, it’s a holy grail product that’ll make your skin feel smoother while adding a beautiful shimmer for that radiant glow.

3. Moisturise 

The Body Shop Banana Body Butter (Limited Edition), $31. Available at The Body Shop stores.

With Singapore’s unpredictable and unforgiving weather, you’ll probably need to give your body all the TLC it can get! Whether it’s after cleansing, exfoliating, or shaving — moisturising should always be a must for everyone. Smooth over a light moisturiser like The Body Shop’s Banana Body Yoghurt if you prefer something that’s more lightweight and not greasy on the skin. It also locks in moisture for 48 hours and of course — it smells like bananas! Yum!

4. Shave


Get silky smooth skin by shaving the right way (Photo Courtesy)

Who doesn’t know how to shave? Well, as simple as it seems, you might just be doing it all wrong. We fear the thought of shaving sometimes because we want to avoid getting ingrown hairs and the stubble that comes after.

So what could be so hard about it and what are some of the common shaving mistakes? Some of the few to list include:

  • Shaving right before you shower
    We understand how shaving right before you shower saves so much time and effort but when you do so, you actually risk scratching yourself with the dry blade with your dry blade. Instead, take a warm shower beforehand to allow your pores to open up, making the process of shaving easier and safer for you.
  • Shaving in the direction that your skin grows
    Another common mistake made by many is the direction in which the hair grows in. It is indeed a highly-debatable question that a lot of us are unsure of. However, the correct way of shaving is NOT against your growth, but in the direction that your hair is growing. Mystery solved!

5. Mask 

TWO LIPS Blackout Mask, $110 (box of 5 sheets). Available at all STRIP outlets.

Last but not least – masking, even if it’s for your vulva. You heard that right. It’s probably one of the most emblematic part of a woman’s femininity that’s been shunned and ignored by many. Treat yourself with Two L(i)ps Blackout Charcoal Mask that’s designed specifically for your vulva. Offering four special benefits, the Blackout Charcoal Mask rejuvenates your area by detoxifying, soothing, brightening and hydrating it.