M.I.A will "take all your money"

M.I.A and Versace team up design a collaboration based on a strange aspect of the singers past... more

On Clout 9

Sing Hallelujah because you are on clout 9, a watch heaven.... more

The Avigation

The Longines Avigation Oversize Crown- it's not only for the pilots, it's for us movie-goers too. ... more

The punk side of karl.

Karl Lagerfeld isn't just 'Chanel', he's punk. ... more

Oh Ricky You're So Fine!

The latest celebrity namesake bag isnt named after another singer or actress...can you guess who it'... more

Putting Our Little Red Dot On The Map

Calling all patriotic Singaporeans....... more

Parisian Chic

Step into Parisian style with the opening of Bensimon in Singapore! ... more

#mygirl Is Slowly Taking Over The World

Adidas launches its #mygirl campaign in Southeast Asia, targeting dancers as its first venture ... more
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