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Him and Her

Monday, 28 May 2012 / fashion

It’s great to come across accessories that are made with so much thought and care that they seem to be made just for you. Little Man is now stocked with two new brands: Draught Dry Goods (DDG) and The Vamoose, curated to bring goods that will please both the ladies and the gentlemen.

DDG isn’t your typical leather goods brand - they put extra effort into everything. First, the leather is ethically harvested, and close to nothing is wasted when crafting the products. The leather is then vegetable tanned and the canvas is waxed, in preparation to be moulded and sewed into everything from the signature finders keepers weekender bag, classy card carrys, diamond billfolds and the... birth control carry? Everything has its place.

The Vamoose has a softer take on accessorizing. Inspired by natural history, Kathryn Blackmore designs and hand-makes each piece of jewelry, and each are sprinkled with vintage flair coupled with modern influence. You can expect both metal and semi-precious gemstones gracing the same piece, and each one will go perfect with your summer outfit.

Hang in there. Draught Dry Goods and The Vamoose will be available at Little Man from 1 June 2012 onwards. Little Man is at 7C Binjai Park, S589821.

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