the look
<b>cherrie so</b><p>instagram: @charliesue_art<br />
her style: “As I wish.”</p>

cherrie so

<b>regina zhang</b><p>instagram: @rere_zyj<br />
her style: “Modest with pops of colour.”</p>

regina zhang

<b>valerie wang</b><p>instagram: @valerie_wang<br />
her style: “Sleek and simple has always been my objective for style.”</p>

valerie wang

<b>ji siqi</b><p>instagram: @siqi_11<br />
her style: “Neutral tones.”</p>

ji siqi

<b>zhang xi</b><p>instagram: @xigua_888<br />
her style: “Lovely and sexy.”</p>

zhang xi

<b>lena liu</b><p>instagram: @lena_ enxin<br />
her style: “Sexy and elegant.”</p>

lena liu

<b>jaime lee</b><p>instagram: @jaim<br />
her style: “Casual chic.”</p>

jaime lee

<b>tristan</b><p>his style: “Sport style.”</p>


<b>tan yang er</b><p>instagram: @yangermeisterr<br />
her style: “Weather appropriate.”</p>

tan yang er

<b>li yushan</b><p>instagram: @panadoling<br />
her style: “Simple.”</p>

li yushan

<b>xu rui yang</b><p>instagram: @pikaqiuuuu<br />
her style: “Cool.”</p>

xu rui yang

<b>clara ng</b><p>instagram: @bonjourclara<br />
her style: “Comfort comes first.”</p>

clara ng

<b>lester tan</b><p>instagram: @wengwoah<br />
his style: “Comfy.”</p>

lester tan

<b>rachel ang su en</b><p>instagram: @rachsuen<br />
her style: “A touch of modern, casual chic.”</p>

rachel ang su en

<b>christabel chua</b><p>instagram: @bellywellyjelly<br />
her style: “Comfort is key to me. I really like chic and preppy pieces as well.”</p>

christabel chua