Hair Contouring Is The Hairstyle Upgrade We All Need

Sometimes, it can feel like everyone’s getting a little too obsessed with contouring. We don’t think Kim K is entirely to blame; it all just stems from how people just like their face to look smaller and their facial structure more defined, in general. That’s why our vanity tables are overflowing with bronzing and highlighting powders, creams, and all kinds of sculpting brushes – and we don’t think this trend is abating anytime soon.
Might as well take it to the next level then, and get acquainted with hair contouring. Nope, we’re not about to get bronzers and highlighters for the hair – not yet, anyway – but rather, the term refers to a more holistic way of styling the hair that includes the way it’s cut and coloured.
L’Oréal Professionnel is launching full-fledged hair contouring services in a number of its partner salons, and your appointment will always start off with the hairstylist diagnosing your face shape (because it’s not always obvious to the untrained eye), plus skin tone and facial features to decide on your customised cut-and-colour combination. The precise placement of highlights and lowlights, and the angles at which your locks are cut, all contribute to the optical illusion that is a more defined facial structure and a healthier skin tone. Never anything wrong with faking it a little.
Here are some general techniques the hairstylist will use to contour your face, depending on your facial shape. Of course, no such thing as one size fits all here, so it’s still best to book your appointment, and let your hairstylist give his or her expert opinion.


With these face shapes, the roots and inside parts of your hair will be kept a dark colour, which creates a shadow around the top of the head and around the jawline, to soften the angles there. If you have a more angular jaw, one way to make it look more oval is to weave in a lighter highlight in front of the ears, creating an ombre effect.

To make the face appear narrower, hair at the top of the head it kept lighter in colour, with darker shades at the sides of the face to create shadows there and provide a slimming effect.

These two face shapes also require a darker colour at the top of the head. Your stylist might also paint on colour starting from the middle of your hair length, to better balance out a narrow chin.
So, in this case it’s your hair that helps your cheekbones pop better, or softens an angular jawline, or narrows a wide forehead. You might just be able to put those bronzers and highlighters aside for good after your next trip to the salon.
The L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Contouring service is priced from $150. Price varies depending on individual salons’ service prices and hair length. Available at L’Oréal Professionnel salons including Salon Vim, Salon #1, NK Hairworks, Formula Cut, Hair Inn, Toni & Guy, Pro Trim, Apgujeong, Kimage and Crescendo. Book your appointment on the Vaniday mobile app or on