Limpeh Says is Singapore’s Brilliant Version of “Cards Against Humanity”

We Singaporeans have an awesome sense of humour. The only problem is that it’s too unique for foreigners to “get” at times. Tell a Brit a Singlish joke and you’d most likely be greeted with puzzled stares. That’s normal of course, but cultural barriers aside, some jokes are just too Singaporean for others (including Malaysians).
Which is why Limpeh Says is so, so brilliant. The card game, modeled after the wildly popular “Cards Against Humanity” party game series, is described on its Kickstarter page as a card game for “we the citizens of Singapore”. It includes topics that are close to every Singaporean’s heart, ranging from food to National Service.


Judging from the preview of the game, it looks absolutely hilarious. How can it not be? A game that’s described as “morally wrong but politically right” is sure to tickle some funny bones.

As seen from the image above, the whole idea of this game is to combine different coloured cards to make funny combos, with the funniest one the winner.
It’s gotten so popular; its Kickstarter page raised $20,000 within one and a half hours of launch. Case in point: all the early bird sets have been snapped up.


Whatever the case may be; we can’t wait for the mass production of this game, but for now, you can visit the Limpeh Says Kickstarter page to pledge your fund (yes, there are still rewards to back). Read the rulebook here.
All images taken from Limpeh Says