Add Some Magic To Your Beauty Routine With These Disney Princess-Themed Items

At one point, we all wanted to be a Disney princess. Whether it was the idea of being roused from a deep slumber by your one true love, or being whisked away on a magic carpet ride, we all had a favourite – for us, it has always been Mulan; nothing quite as romantic as saving an entire kingdom alongside your warrior prince.


Most recently, all the hype has been over Emma Watson bringing Belle from Beauty and the Beast to life in the upcoming film adaptation, and the series of BNTB-themed special items that have been coming our way just adds to it all. No complaints, of course – our stashes can always do with more special-edition Disney beauty items – but there are actually plenty of other Disney princess-themed beauty products out there. Here’s our roundup, but now, can someone created a Mulan-themed makeup collection please?
K-Palette Disney Princess Series

K-Palette’s range of eye makeup is pretty rad already, but when they come in pretty princessy packaging, they become instant collectibles. Picking up from last year’s Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeliner range, there’s now going to be a eyebrow collection, with the 1 Day Tattoo 2-Way Brow Liner and 3-Way Brow Pencil in packaging featuring all the iconic princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel and of course, Belle.
$23.90, available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, selected department stores and from March.
Disney Collection compact mirrors
disney collection compacts

Quickest way to feeling like a princess: treating yourself to one of these exquisite compact mirrors. One’s Frozen-themed, featuring silhouettes of Elsa and Anna which might be better suited for your little niece; but we’d definitely keep the Snow White one for ourselves. Especially when it comes with an inscription saying “Still the fairest” at the back.
US$32, available on
NYX Lips Smacking Fun Colours Lipstick in Snow White
nyx snow white

Okay, technically not an official Disney Princess item, but hey – the name says it all. A blue-toned red to get you Snow White’s signature rosebud lips, a classic beauty inspiration right from the time the Disney animated film was released in 1937.
$9, available at NYX stores and Sephora.
Hansaplast Princess Plaster

You’re never too old for plasters with cartoon characters on them. Sure, these may be made for kids, but they also instantly make having to bandage up a cut or blister a bit less depressing.
$4.80, available at Watsons.
Etsy Disney Princess Nail Decals
etsy nail decals

Bah, who needs intricate nail art – just stick these on, and you can even have a different princess on each nail.
$5.75 for a set of 80 decals, available on