BH Cosmetics Has Created the Rainbow Highlight Palette of Our Dreams

It seems the highlighting trend is going to breeze through 2017 as well. A swelling number of beauty brands are featuring highlighting products in their makeup collections, and it’s grown to become a staple in everyone’s arsenal. With that, we also face the problem of having too many options to choose from. Okay, that’s not an entirely bad issue to encounter.
If you’ve been looking to trade in your regular champagne dazzle for a unicorn-inspired highlight palette, then turn your attention to BH Cosmetics. Last year, its Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette became an instant Instagram favourite, and now, we’re certain that the BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette is next in line for some major double-tapping success. The cult-favourite cosmetics company took to Instagram Stories to give us a few sneak peeks of the highlight kit with six shades. Thus far, all we’ve gotten were their swatches, but it was enough to make us lose it.


The hues lean towards a pastel variety, which is perfect for those who are new to unconventional highlighter shades since they’ll add just a subtle hint of colour to the high points of your face. Don’t be fooled by their muted tones though, these metallic pigments still pack an iridescent punch. There’s a lilac highlighter to give you that otherworldly holographic glow we’ve been coveting, and a mint green, a baby pink, and a gentle blue in the mix.
Main Image: BH Cosmetics Facebook