You Can Soon Have Beauty and the Beast-Themed Skincare Too

Just like what happened with Alice Through The Looking Glass last year, it seems like so many brands are hopping onto this year’s biggest Disney bandwagon, the film version of Beauty and the Beast that launches next month. First there was a jewellery collection, then a shoe collection and some seriously lustworthy makeup, and now, thanks to Skin Inc, there’s going to be a touch of Disney in your skincare regime as well.
skin inc beauty beast
Meet the limited edition Skin Inc Beauty and the Beast Serum Kit, which features the brand’s recognisable My Daily Dose custom serum blend bottle all dressed up with rose gold accents and a tag emblazoned with the famous enchanted rose; the bottle itself is coloured in a particular golden yellow that references Belle’s famous gown.
Inside the bottle is the Get Glowin’ serum cocktail, made from the Vitamin A, Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid serums to reduce dullness and dark spots, and improve skin texture and hydration. Sure, one can argue this is just another example of a brand riding one of the biggest pop culture waves of the moment, but if it means we get pretty products like this, by all means – ride that wave.
Skin Inc Beauty and the Beast Serum Kit, $169. Available at Skin Inc Concept Stores from March.