Fans of 'Beauty and the Beast' Are Going to Love These Glitter Eyeshadows

It’s a tale as old as ti-
Okay, managed to stop myself from breaking out into song. It’s a tale we’re all too familiar with: a young prince is magically transformed into a beast as punishment for his arrogance, awaiting true love to break the spell, with the enchanted rose counting down the days as it slowly sheds its petals.
The enchanted rose is undoubtedly the most iconic image from the animated 1991 movie Beauty and the Beast, and as the new live-action film takes the world by storm, tons of brands have hopped onto the train, creating products and merchandise to celebrate the special reboot, such as this enchanted rose vial filled with glitter.

The enchanted rose eyeshadows and glitters were created by Impulse Cosmetics, an indie company from Pennsylvania that’s known for their high quality, cruelty-free makeup that features an array of colours. Their shadows and glitters usually come in small, transparent jars, but for a limited period of time, they’re available in these sleek tubes topped off with gold caps and a gorgeous roses.

Eyeshadows and cosmetic glitters have been restocked!

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For US$8.99, you can get your hands on the Impulse Cosmetics Enchanted Rose Eyeshadows and Glitters from There’s no drop-down menu to select your shades, so do remember to specify them in the notes section when you checkout.
Main image: @impulsecosmetics