New Balance’s Beauty And The Beast Sneakers Will Send You Running To Theatres In Style

Oh dear lord. Ever since the Beauty And The Beast apparel collection from Minkpink, we kinda already had an inkling that the whole franchise will be incorporated into street style fashion, and we were right. Welcome on board, New Balance — all the BNTB sneakerheads are thrilled to have you on the team.
The brand has chosen a couple of its best-selling silhouettes and included key elements of the show onto them. Expect a splash of themed BNTB colourways, textures and designs that’ll possibly send you running to the theatres in true Disney princess fashion.
Vazee Rush Disney


This has got to be our favourite of the bunch. Sporting an upper with different shades of chambray, and a leather strap right down the middle for a contrasting texture — at this point we’re almost sold. But got us was instead the floral embroidery and the gold foil emboss of New Balance’s logo, which, when all put together created a style that was distinctly Belle. You literally could get the reference at a finger snap.
These shoes are less for sports, and more for casual walking… Perfect for a whole day out in Disneyland.
Vazee Rush Disney, US$99.99
Vazee Transform Disney

The gym rats can now sport the most gorgeous gym shoes we’ve seen yet. Inspired by Belle’s iconic yellow dress, the sneaker translated that key feature into gold accents on the rims, heel tab and tongue, as well as the N logo on the side of the sneak. Most of the upper features a lace mesh upper with embossed details — an upgrade from your typical mesh fabric. The sneaker is highly breathable, and is able to support both strength and cardio training sessions — so you could train like a beast in all regality.
Vazee Transform Disney, US$89.99
Fresh Foam Zante v3 Disney

Athletes will be pleased to know that even the classic NB running shoe, the Fresh Foam Zante v3, got a Disney makeover with accents of hot pink running through the black footwear. There lightweight shoe will feature gold embossed scroll on the N logo, as well as plush velvet lining on the insole and part of the upper.
Fresh Foam Zante v3 Disney, US$119.99
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Header image: New Balance