Nike Launches the Pro Hijab For Female Muslim Athletes

There are many Muslim women in the world of sport, but for far too long, they’ve lacked a particularly important garment of choice when it came to professional sportswear – the hijab. However, that’s all about to change thanks to Nike.
The American company announced that it would be launching the “Pro Hijab”, a special headscarf that’s designed to let female Muslim athletes have a sense of inclusiveness while competing in their respective fields.


The product is set to be released in Spring 2018, and is made out of a lightweight mesh fabric that has micro-holes strategically positioned for optimal breathability. So performance-wise, the product is geared for sporting excellence.
More importantly, it would finally give female Muslims the opportunity to practice their religion without any hindrance when exercising (in the past, athletes had to wear traditional hijab fabrics, which of course isn’t the best when working out).

“The Nike Pro Hijab may have been more than a year in the making, but its impetus can be traced much further back, to an ongoing cultural shift that has seen more women than ever embracing sport,” a statement from Nike read.
Well, whatever the case may be; it’s nice to see a big company like Nike trying to embrace the world’s diversity instead of shunning it. And we hope to see more inclusive products like this in the future.
For now, check out the viral Nike ad that teased the Pro Hijab:

All images taken from Nike.