These Brush Cleaners Are Not Only Cute, They Actually Cut Brush-Cleaning Time In Half

Hands up, those who haven’t washed their brushes in the past month. We’d say eww, but then again, we haven’t been religiously cleaning ours too. Dirty brushes are gross, but washing them is a chore that we’ll gladly procrastinate whenever possible. We need to, but we don’t want to…
Well, the good news is that makeup junkies-turned-entrepreneurs are often full of bright ideas to make mundane makeup chores that bit more interesting — so you can take heart in knowing that while you’ll still need to wash your brushes, at least there’s going to be some sort of fun in it.
Enter brush cleaners by Swirl + Sparkle, where these handmade products could possibly win a prize for being the cutest cleaners in the market. They’re very much solid soaps with protruding designs, and for a very good reason too.

Here's a little demo we made demostrating how little water it takes to Swirl + Sparkle. Just a cup of water to dip your brushes in is enough to help break down caked on makeup. Dip as often as needed, as the water only helps generate the bubbles with the swirling motion. We found the most stubborn foundation brush that had not been cleaned in months. You'll notice that there is not much lather since there is so much caked on makeup. But as the makeup begins to break down, more bubbles will be generated and the water will start to run clear. Remember, the first time WILL take the longest time, so don't be disheartened. And DON'T waste and rinse those bubbles in between each brush. Keep reusing them, as this method will make your product last much longer. It may visually look gross and not feel natural, but it will be rinsing out like a dream, so let that work in your favor. Our patent pending sugar diamonds lid helps assist with those really dense brushes we all hate to clean. Use running water to rinse your brushes, and when you are COMPLETELY done, use that last clean brush to swirl and clean the container of any make up residue before letting it air dry. Put the lid back on after it is completely dry and VOILA!, it's ready for next time. Once you develop a weekly, etc. routine, we promise it will not take as long as the first time ☺️ Maintenance of both our precious brushes (and face) should be our top priority in each of our makeup loving world 👌🏽 Thank you for allowing #swirlandsparkle to be a part of your brush cleansing care 💗 #allnatural #makeupcare #makeupgoals #makeupartist #crueltyfree #loveyourbrushes

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The usual solid brush cleaners tend to have a flat base, where after shampooing the bristles you’ll still have to run them through the folds of your palm to thoroughly rid the entire brush of product. With the ones from Swirl + Sparkle though, the bumps and protrusions of the designs will be the one doing the massaging job for you. Simply swirl your brushes through the cleaner — they’ll be shampooed and cleaned, and all you have to do is wash it under running water for a couple of seconds, and repeat till the brush is fully cleaned. The diamond friction pads on the flip-side of the soap’s cover will help scrub out the dirt accumulated in the densest of brushes, which are usually the most painful ones to clean. It does sound pretty effective, and we’re willing to try anything, anything that’ll make brush-washing a less tedious task.
(Plus, a great deal with the increase in water prices — there’s no longer a need to run the brushes under running water to get product out with these brush cleaners!)

A little hiccup to our day involved a 4 hour visit from an electrician 🙈! 😉 A little late, but worth the wait 🌹 Bella Rose 🌹is our newest Limited Edition design, inspired by one of our all time favorite Disney movies #beautyandthebeast. She's 4 ounces of pure magical cleansing power for $39.99. And to our first 25 orders, we are gifting you with a mini trio sampler set AND free domestic shipping (a separate international listing will be made)! 🌟Total value of $60 🌟 All orders placed by Thursday, March 16th will be shipped out on Friday, March 17th to celebrate the movie's opening day! Scents to choose from: 💗Rose Petals 💗Toasted Marshmallow 💗Coconut Mandarin 💗Tropical Oasis Your scent of choice will be 4 ounces of Swirl + Sparkle magic (new + wide mouth containers = sooo perfect for your brush cleaning dance party 😉) and your trio scents will consist of the other 3 scents we are offering (example: If you selected Rose Petals, your trio mini set will be Toasted Marshmallow, Coconut Mandarin and Tropical Oasis). As always, all our orders are handcrafted with love ❤️ #swirlandsparkle #loveyourbrushes #crueltyfree #allnatural #makeupbrushcleaner

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A whole lot of designs are available — from edgy sugar skulls, to adorable French bulldogs, and even a limited edition Bella rose one. Every design comes with a matching cover, too. There are 591 reviews left on the humble Etsy store’s website and we haven’t seen a single negative comment. If that isn’t enough a sign of a great product, we don’t know what is.

Petite 1 ounces! 💀🕷🌹☠ Get 'em while they're hawt 🔥 #swirlandsparkle #swirlandsparkledoeshalloween2016 #makeupbrushcleanser

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Oh, and these brush cleaners come in the yummiest scents ever; just to name a couple: Toasted Marshmallows (!!!), Rose Petals, Coconut Mandarin and Tropical Oasis. Brb, placing orders for five, right now.
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