These Disney Princess Bikinis Are What Summer Dreamin’ Is About

Your fairytale dreams are taken to a whole new (sea) level this time — Disney princess-themed apparel went from luxurious gowns, to chic street wear, and now… bikinis.


These swimwear sets from Enchanted Bikinis are nothing short of smokin’ sexy and still crazily adorable as well. Just take the Candy Apple set for instance — there’s so much meticulousness in the detailing that we’re thinking if Snow White were to actually don a bikini (to bask in a twinkling lake while in the Haunted Forest), this would be it. And to top it off, a cute red bow on the back of the bikini bottom.

The first collection from the brand only features six princesses — namely Snow White, Pocahontas (set comes in ruffles and in a the prettiest shade of brown-beige), Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel and Belle. Mulan is once again, not part of the party; but hey, homegirl’s got a kingdom to save. But if you’d like to live out your princess dreams even at the beach, this may perhaps be the place to snag the perfect outfit. Your prince might just be right round the next palm tree.
It’s all very enticing. And guaranteed to win you all those double-takes IRL and double taps on IG.
Disney princess swimwear from Enchanted Bikinis are available for pre-order online on their site.
All images courtesy of Enchanted Bikinis.