These Quirky Sheet Masks Will Brighten Up Your Skin And Your Day

Sheet masks should already be a staple in our skincare arsenal whenever we feel like showing our skin some TLC (which is, every day, tbh). And while we love sheet masks the way they are, beauty brands are always finding ways to ensure that every step of our beauty regime looks glamorous and camera-ready. This applies to everything from the exterior packaging to the actual contents of the product. Just take a peek at the images GlamGlow has been tagged in on Instagram — the Terminator-esque peel-off masks are a great example that even the most unlikely of beauty products, meant to be used when your hair’s let down, and behind closed doors, can be in fact, a piece of (mask) art. Instagram didn’t call it the maskie (a mask-selfie…) for no reason.
These quirky sheet masks are some of the latest releases that had us tickled pink. Check them out:
1. Petite Amie Skincare Emoji Masque


You can literally cover up a bad skin day with these emoji masks (or masques) with the latest offering from Taiwanese brand Petite Amie Skincare. And they weren’t kidding with the whole emoji theme; the entire mask is an emoji, complete with little accents such as sunglasses, blush, heart eyes etc. There are six emoji masks in the collection, and each one has different skincare property. The Chillin’ Masque is a moisturising sheet mask with select botanical extracts for instant hydration… perfect for when chillin’ at home. One of the most used emojis, the heart eyes one (a.k.a the Love Masque) has organic rose essence to soothe, brighten and refresh skin. The Scream Masque — with everyone’s favourite omg-sh*t’s-happening emoji — goes with an extra-lifting and firming face treatment.

At US$10, these masks aren’t the most cost-effective, but we reckon they’ll make great quirky gifts. There’s free express shipping on orders US$150 and above, so grab hold of a couple of girlfriends for the swankiest mask pamper sesh ever. Now, forget that whole emoji-over-face thing on SnapChat and slap on an actual emoji mask for better skin instead.
2. BioBelle #UnicornGlow Holographic Mask

It’s sad that this mask won’t launch till couple of months later, so we can’t know for sure if whole holographic, social-media-sweetheart shebang is actually a real deal, or just another flaky gimmick. According to WWD, the new trio collection of masks is said to become holographic once applied onto the skin — and that’s a pretty bold promise to make. Nevertheless, BioBelle is already a known brand among the mask-a-holics for their radiant-inducing list of yummy ingredients, alongside adorable packaging with humorous names like #Iwokeuplikethis and #staygorgeous.

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Aptly named the Unicorn collection, the masks will include #UnicornGlow — featuring honey, mulberry, and chocolate (!!!) to promote radiance while giving the skin a brightening boost. #DreamSkin has berry complex, matcha green tea and apple acid, so that mask can be used on lazy days where it acts like a three-in-one cleanser, toner and moisturiser. #BeautyShake will consist of vanilla bean cream and dark red cherries to detox, clarify and brighten skin. Not gonna lie, the combination of ingredients in these masks sounds so delicious they actually might make for great new smoothie flavours.
Each mask will cost US$4.99 and will only be available in the US. Keep a hawk eye on the brand’s Instagram page to know when these masks launch, and perhaps employ a parcel forwarding service for your goods to be brought back to Singapore.